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Top 10 famous writers you can’t ignore

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Hereby We presents “Top 10 famous writers you can’t ignore”. These are  the top 10 handpicked famous writers of 2021.

  • Savi Sharma

A simple girl from Surat, Savi Sharma is the co-founder of the motivational media blog Life and People. Everyone Has a Story is her debut novel inspired by stories around her. You can find out more about her on 

  • Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi, and completed a degree in engineering and business management before embarking on a writing career. His first book-Of Course I Love You :-was published when he was twenty-one years old and was an instant bestseller.

  • Prerana Jha

“Woh pyar ab ho nahi sakta ye sach hai…

Par usse behtar ishq ki gunjaish toh ab bhi baki hai..!!” -Mizaaj written by Prerana Jha

Mizaaj is the replica of Prerana’s imagination. An intellectual lady who won many hearts with her writings from stories to poetries to realeasing her new work “Bread & Butter days-Be ready for better days” which describes the struggles of employees which we can expect soon in stores and online sites aswell.A must buy for jobseekers.”If you succeed in life but you are not happy,it’s one of the biggest “Failures” one can ever have.” Quoted from her upcoming novel.Apart from this the young author in these 8years of her writing career has published Four more books Mizaaj being one of them.Others are “The Unforgettable 23″ ,”Never knew the known” & “Fallen Angel”.

  • Chirasree Bose

Chirasree Bose has two bestselling fiction books under her belt. She’s known for her stout characterization and robust storylines across genres. Chirasree’s debut book, released in early 2019, got her the prestigious title of ‘the second most popular debut author of India’. But that was only the onset of a journey she’d always dreamed of taking – writing to make a difference through her words. Her second book was a humor-cum-drama that had readers spit their sides with laughter while also ponder about the futile societal norms. This year, Chirasree has published her third book which, being from a truly one-of-a-kind genre, is garnering praises from all and sundry.

  • Dr. Dimple Boro

Dr. Dimple Boro, who did Ph. D in Agricultural Biotechnology, hails from Guwahati City, Assam, India. She is a Multiple Record holder for her solo book “Deuta” is based on her some  memorable moments spent with her father. Moreover, she took part as a co-author of many anthologies and also as a compiler of her book “Impeccable with your words”.Apart from writing, she is a dance lover as she did her Visharad Degree in Bharatnatyam and she is also a Science subject lover as she is teaching the subject to her students. 

Connect to her

Instagram : dimple_boro

  • Achal Mogla

Achal Mogla is an author and an avid reader by heart. He belongs from Ahmedabad Gujarat and is residing in Taj Mahal City of India Agra. He  has released three of his books  with the latest one being released  recently & you won’t like to miss the splendid messages that he delivered. His first book Salt and Pepper has touched hearts with his romantic short stories. His second book The Revival was a book written for young minds. He has participated in about 25+ anthologies and written about 350 +  poems  till now. His latest Book Where Did I Goof Up in Life ? Living Life Without excuses is a motivational book.

  • Deepa A Agarwa

My work in the mental health and gender equity space has given me an insight into the many reasons of the emotional unrest that people today face; the need to stand out, need for external validation, outer success and fears are just a few. Being so caught up in the externals, leaves the inner life weak. Through a fictional story, The Hangover of Choices, is my humble attempt to highlight the criticality of strengthening one’s inner life. It’s an invitation for the reader to taken an honest look at themselves and reflect before being haunted by their own choices.   

Deepa A Agarwal, Author- The Hangover of Choices 

  • Karthikeyeni

Karthikeyeni born and bred in Madras ( now Chennai), started her career as an educator, tagging along with her daughter to school. Later stopped stalking her child and used her M.A in English Literature, M.Phil ., B.Ed ., and M.Sc IT., to facilitate graduates of English Literature, to love the works of Shakespeare, with her 4-year stint as a Professor. She headed CBSE institutions for five years and finally decided to take a break to pursue her passion. 

She has started her journey as a writer, having published her novel “Quest for Change”.

You can find her on

  • Vrinda Singh

A renowned entrepreneur, writer, blogger, and social media influencer, Vrinda Singh is an inner-directed, self-motivated individual with a focused and determined mindset to turn her dreams into reality. Born and raised in Himachal Pradesh, Vrinda is an Integrated M-Tech post-graduate from Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida. Over the years, her pursuit of excellence has led her down various avenues. Vrinda is not only the author of two prime selling books viz. “MURKY GIRL” and “5 MINUTES”, but also an extraordinary poetess whose words would take you to an unheard realm of literature. And since she is so influential, she has now emerged as a very eminent public speaker of the country motivating women and men for women empowerment and all other burning issues of the country. 

  •  Akshay Kumar S

Mr. AKSHAY KUMAR S is an undergraduate student. He has been a co-author and contributed to many anthologies and publications of books in a very short span of time(in less than one month), participated in many writing contests by submitting my technical articles which are very helpful for the present world like( 5G technology, solar windows, neuralink, deliverance of life saving oxygen, hydrogen fuel vehicles etc) also got consolation prize or a special mentions for the article from the jury panel in a particular writing competition. Participated in many poetry competitions , two to three national level poetry competitions one of which conducted by (highest rated online contest organizer on GOOGLE) and many more, also received the certificates for the same.


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