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#TheBigInterview: The raw energy of Punjabi music is something that grabs attention instantly, says Tani Sandhu.

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The man behind TR King Music,  Tani Sandhu recently sat for a cup of conversation in the exclusive segment of #TheBigInterview with ETimes. In the very segment, Tani  spoke about what according to him makes Punjabi music so loved among the audience, what changes have been witnessed over time, and a lot more.

Read the excerpts from the interview here: What do you feel is the special thing about Punjabi music that attracts the audience?
To be honest, I think there are a number of factors that draw people to Punjabi music, the foremost is the rawness. The raw energy of Punjabi music is something that grabs attention instantly. Secondly, it’s the feel. People feel connected to it and are able to relate to it. Last but not least, Punjabi music is rich in slang, making it all the more popular among ‘aam janta’.

What changes did lockdown bring in the Punjabi music and audience?
I can go on and on about the changes that this one last year in lockdown has brought in both Punjabi music and its lovers. But here I would like to address the elephant in the room and say that one of the major changes is that after lockdown audience has started listening to songs that are rich in lyrics after so many years. Further, I find it very good and healthy for our culture.

Do singers change themselves according to the audience or they are the ones who contribute to a particular taste?
I think it is both ways. It is good to blend according to the audience, but if a singer works really hard on his music, then he should give his people the songs that he wants them to enjoy.              


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