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Sharjah all set to host UAE Friendship Cup.

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Under the patronage of Sheikh Faisal Bin Khaled Al Qassimi, ARBA sports services (LLC) in association  with the Safety Ambassdors Council of Dubai Police announced a thrilling Cricket tournament  -UAE friendship CuP (which will be held on 2nd,3rd and 4th of February, 2022,) at Sharjah Cricket Stadium. This announcement  coincides with the ‘Most Beautiful  Winter in the World’, campaign launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed  Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to consolidate UAE as single tourist destination.

In Addition  to the tournament, ARBA sports services  has also planned to honour  some Government  Departments, Corporates,Non-Profit organisations and social welfare teams with an award  ingratitude for their heroic efforts,hardwork  and sincere desire to serve humanity  during the covid19 pandemic.

The four teams participating  in this tournament  are, India  legends(Indian former Cricketers  team) led by Mohd.Azharuddun,Bollywood Kings( Bollywood  Celebrities) led by Suneil shetty, Pakistan Legends (Pakistab Former  Cricketers Team) Led by Imran  Nazeer ,and World Legends (World 11 Cricketers team) led by Ajantha Mendis.

Speaking  at the press conference, Amin Pathan ( Chairman -ARBA sports Services) described the UAE friendship Cup as a golden opportunity  for some talented  and terrific cricket  players to expose their abilities  to the world. He commented  “UAE friendship Cup is intended to conduct with an aim to enrich many young cricket  players,support  cricket  players,and provide seamless  entertainment  to cricket  fans. The main aim in honouring  different  teams for their bravery during  the covid19  pandemic  is to promote  the culture  of social  work on society  for the sake of humanity.  This will help in raising  the value  of solidarity in the community  as a positive and beneficial  behaviour  that invests energies,  which leads to advancing  the  wheel of community  service  with with  everyone’s  participation  in bearing  responsibility  towards society in various  fields.

Aslam Gurukkal, Managing  Director  and CEO of ARBA sports services  Indicate  ,the UAE Friendship  Cup represents  a sublime and expressive  message of the high values  inherent in us and will supplement  more fondness and much value  to the exceptional bond and love between all the countries as sports  and entertainment always  bring people  together  building healthy relationships.  He also said:,”We are conducting  the competition to show  our reverence  and love towards the game of cricket.  UAE friendship CUP will he a great  chance for everyone to witness  some netve-rackinh cricket matches in an international  cricket  stadium.  awards for front line warriors  during the pandemic is an opportunity  to promote  the culture of social  work and socil solidarity, and encourage  everyone to participate  in community  service which is part of the human values  established by the founder of the UAE,Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May God have mercy in him).

Operations director  at ARBA sports,Noufal Qudran confirmed,  UAE friendship  Cup will be a great opportunity  for fans and players to retrieve their memories  of some great matches played at Sharjah Cricket  Stadium.  He also said,”The tournament  will be a fantastic paradigm  for the unbreakable  friendship  between UAE,India,Pakistan  and rest of the world.  Heroic efforts of all those involved  in keeping  everyone safe during  the pandemic  shall be appreciated  at the awards ceremony. I believe, awarding  these heroes  is considered  loyalty  and gratitude  for the golden thumbprints in dedication  to serve humanity.

A detailed  plan of UAE friendship  Cup’s organizing Committee along with Covid 19 safety precautions  protocol  for the championship  was presented  by Huzaifa Ibrahim (HEAD OF Organizing  committee).He commented, the UAE Friendship  Cup embodies the interest in presenting  constructive  ideas to build a strong  cohesive community, promote  the positive  and athletic  spirit, motivating the public to interact  with each other and play an active role in benefitting  the society  to create a better future for generations to come. He described  the social  service  awards as acknowledging  the important  role of Front Line heroes  during  the Pandemic  which represents  an honourable  image of the Emirati Society  which has dazzled  the World  with its many experiences  in different  areas. The awards will be an important  tool to motivate  everyone  to participate  in serving the country by being part of different social  service and volunteer programmes  of thr UAE Government.  He added “Social  Service  playes  an important  role in enhancing  a sense  of national  identity  and self-satisfaction, increasing  self confidence  and values of belonging and loyalty  to

All principles  inspired  by the wise leadership  of thr UAE that urges us to do everything that paves the way for nation’s  advancement, and sustainability  of its development.

AMIN PATHAN (Chairman),Aslam Gurukkal(Managing  Director &CEO) ,Huzaifa Ibrahim (HEAD OF organizing  commitee) Noufal Qudran (Director  Operation),Dubai Police personnel, Officials,Sponsors, Social media influencers and others were present.

Official  Instagram  Account: UAEfriendshipcup.




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