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Priya’s Wisdom Publication congratulates the winners of the prestigious ‘GLOBAL ICONIC ACHIEVER AWARD’

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Winning portrays the hardwork & dedication towards Passion. Winning an Award itself is an honour & a moment to cherish.

Congratulations on Winning the prestigious “GLOBAL ICONIC ACHIEVER AWARD”


Niraja Bandi – Literary Personality
Niraja Bandi has been working as a people’s manager for the past 23 years. She boasts of vast experience in the financial services industry, more so in the management domain.
Having recently completed an executive management development program through IIM, she currently has a broad base of knowledge which allows her to explore many topics.
She writes blogs for One million Talent’s Audiences. She also mentors the One million talent team. She is a published author of 7 bestselling books namely Empower to Transform, The World as a Neural Network, Against the Storm, The Ones Who Dare, Sniffles and Smiles, The Corporate Napoleon, and The Bitter Sweetness. All her books have become bestsellers.

Sarah – Literary Personality
Sarah has come a long way from the girl who used to scribble poetry in her diary to a woman who has become an award-winning poetess.
Her writing journey has been full of highs and lows; but the lows are what have motivated her to never give up. Writing for her is more about exorcising the demons within rather than following a prompt or writing for fun. It’s what keeps her sane. Sarah is the Founder & Content Creator of a writing community on Instagram called @vaguesoulsunite. She has recently joined HCL Technologies as a Deputy Manager – Quality and Communication.

Pallavi Garg – Entrepreneur & Social Worker
Myself Pallavi Garg,I’m a social worker,an Entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker.I’m a director of Yogita collection. I’m a Vice President in Navchetna Ngo.I got Super Women 2021 Excellence Award from Punjab. Also received Indian Women Mompreneur Award,Navya Naari Sanman Award,and a Global Iconic Achievement Awards.Listening stories,read books,painting these all are my hobbies or my talent.I’m a mother of two kids. I’m a widow,a singleparent and a passionable women who always think to grow our husband’s bussiness with her capabilities.I’m also motivated that girls and women who can do something for us .My ngo also work on it. I always believe in that if we have capable for someone future secure then do it ….don’t think more.Everyone can do for yourself if you can do anything for someone that happiness is priceless for you and that person … So I’m also said that stay happy and think positive.

Dr. Kalashri M Barve – Literary Personality
Dr. Kalashri Barve, a Mumbai-based Indian writer, is a Bollywood film director, writer, art director, and artist. A philosopher is a creative thinker who enjoys finding art in everything, including pain, which she gradually learns to express through painting, literature, and film. She is a multiple distinguished national and international award winner in all of her fields, and she adores the sky, the sea, and mother earth, who have always encouraged her to think in new ways. A spiritual being values simplicity and aestheticism in her vision and life, as well as selflessly helping individuals, society, and her country. A mother of two bonds with people who are loyal, knowledgeable, wise, and believes that love for everyone, including the non-living, is the only truth and purpose of every birth, according to her. She aspires to build a world in which everyone’s heart is filled with nothing but peace and love.

Dr. KALASHRI GAYAKWAD BARVE, an artist from Mumbai’s Sir J.J School of Art, is now the
MD of Kalavisharad Productions ( A film director, writer, production
designer, and artist (painting) are all recognized and rewarded.

Indrani Chowdhury – Literary Personality
Indrani Chowdhury is an award winning modern Indian author whose works have been published in various national and international anthologies. She was born and raised in the north-east city of Gauhati in Assam. She did her post-graduation in English and had worked as a teacher for a few years before embracing writing as her chosen vocation. She now resides at Bangalore, India and divides her time between the two loves of her life – her son and writing. Her book ‘Raining Drops of Rainbow Verses’ was published by Notionpress in 2021. She was the recipient of Asian Literary Society’s Wordsmith Award 2021. She won Literary Awards 2022 organised by Ukiyoto Publishing House. She also won Indian Golden Award 2022. She had been twice nominated and once shortlisted for Orange Flower Awards by Women’s Web. She was chosen as one of the empanelled authors in Literoma publishing house’s event International Authors Conclave 2021. Besides this, she was also nominated for the Writefluencer Award 2021 by Writefluence.

Sai Pavan Kumar – Literary Personality
Mr. Sai Pavan Kumar is a qualified management researcher whose main areas of interest include Business Management, Sustainable Development, and Educational Studies. Shri. Sai Pavan Kumar is born and brought up in Hyderabad , Telangana , He was Enthusiastic kid since his childhood , from a very small age of 12 years he had interest of writing , He won bronze medal in the national Poetry contest . His passion towards research & writings made him member of world research council and Honorary fellow member of International Institute of Organized Research. At present Mr. Sai Pavan Kumar is perusing management studies at Amity Global Business School. In addition, he is also serving as Ambassador of the Management and Strategy Institute. Shri. Sai Pavan Kumar has excellent organising skills , He served as the organizer of several conferences.

Saima Hasan – Artist
Saima Hasan is an Indian artist based in Dubai for more than a decade now. She is an avid social worker and often volunteers for NGOs and social welfare organizations. She has a deep-rooted interest in nature and all the things around her that are pure and free from human influence. She has been interested in Colours from a very young age and was fascinated by the idea of using them to express her feelings. Over the years she kept on exploring her passion but got real direction to her thoughts and skills from her graduate school where she learned commercial arts. Later with the changing times, she developed an inclination towards Fine Arts and transformed herself into a full-fledged Fine Artist. Through her Artwork, she always tried to depict the Significance of Nature on this earth and its interaction with all other forces. She has always tried to make sure that her standard reflects a perfect amalgamation between traditional art and the standards set by modern art. She is a regular participant in various group art exhibitions, both nationally and internationally including World Art Dubai. During one of the public events, she quoted “Though the subject matter of my work may vary, colours remains its constant theme. I prize colour for its powerful symbolism and apply it to communicate emotions and mood“ Above all whatever she creates, it is with the intent to evoke a sense of vitality and joy, a celebration of the greatest Artworks of all…. ‘A life well lived’.

Trina Kanungo – Literary Personality & Artist
Trina Kanungo, is a post graduate in Mathematics and Computing from IIT-ISM Dhanbad. Currently posted as Assistant Manager, in ECGC Ltd , Mumbai, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government Of India, Trina is an ardent lover of Indian Fine Arts and Literature. Originally , a small town girl, Trina hails from Hindmotor, in West Bengal. She pursued her graduation from Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata with an honours in Mathematics. After her masters, she joined Indian Bank as probationary officer, and soon she got selected as executive officer in ECGC Ltd, and hence she started a completely new journey in Mumbai. At the very outset, life was not easy for her to manage in this cosmopolitan ambiance. But gradually, out of sheer loneliness, she rejuvenated her childhood hobby of writing and painting. She has been a co-author of many anthologies both in English and Bengali literature. During the pandemic situation, she backed up many voluntary groups around her circle , who were working for the people stuck in rural and remote areas , by providing food , clothings and other medical goods to them. She is always ready to help any voluntary groups who are working from the front end in this pandemic era.

Clara Steven Menezes – Inspiring Women Personality
My name is Clara Menezes and I reside at Lodha Palava in Dombivli, Thane. I am 38 years old happily married and blessed with one son, who is now 12. My principle in life is to always keep smiling. I believe life is too short to be unhappy. I love dancing, eating and making funny videos.
In September 2021, I had participated. Face of Thane – Season 2 Beauty Pageant Contest and won two titles: one for Most Popular Face of Thane and the second for Mrs. Goodwill Face of Thane. Recently, my article was nominated and published in one of the International weekend newspapers, MT. KENYA TIMES (page 8). A scanned copy of the e-newspaper is attached herewith in a PDF format. My biggest inspiration is my hubby Steven Menezes who has always motivated & supported me to follow my passion and dreams,

Dr. Sandhya Singh – Inspiring Women Personality
Dr. Sandhya Singh is doctor by profession, an ANATOMIST and hold PG DIPLOMAS in yoga, naturopathy and diet nutrition. She belongs to Chandigarh and she is married to a Cardiologist and proud mother of two beautiful angels to whom she is bringing up with great enthusiasm She is multidimensional personality who fullfill her role in the family, society and profession with great poise while maintaining her fitness through the strict diet , physical exercise and discipline…To her beauty is all about complete womanhood which encompasses the caring, loving and exprasing tracts.

Purvi Munjal – Literary Personality
Purvi Munjal , a medical student who starts writing fortuitously; when reality and expectations was moving apart, millions of fear inside in her heart . But when she started writing, her scarred soul healed. When she expressed her feelings through her poetries , she smiled. She is only 20 years old ,she starts writing last month. She is not an experienced writer but in the span of one month , she has co authored almost 10 anthology. She had participated in ‘ Sparkle’ an all all India contest . She is being one of the winners of Sparkle . Now her poetries son get published under Quill House Publications . Believe it or not , your problems are there to serve you – not to destroy you . If you suffer a problem or setback in life , don’t get discouraged or give up. Many of life’s gift wrapped in difficult circumstances, it’s called blessings in disguise) ( that was evidenced by Purvi ). And eventually, you will come to know , your blessings were always bigger than your hardship.

Shanu Shah – Inspiring Women Personality
Shanu Shah is a Novelist known for The Victim and her debut novel Retributioner, they are successful and loved by many a readers across the world. Born into a family of modest means, Shanu brought humour, intelligence and cynical snap to her characters and her subject matter, which subverted the expectations of the popular and sentimental thrillers of the era. Her audacious social and political commentary realism won Shanu approval from the readers. Shanu’s canon of work holds a mirror to a new generation of readers. She is currently working as a Language Trainer and is a Climate Action enthusiast. Her BOOK – “The Victim” resonates to this paradigm of hers in a very sensual and thriller form. The novel is immersive and quoted as “The best thriller of the year” by the Daily Hunt, it was featured in Allahabad times and Indian Express. The Victim was a surprisingly bestseller for three months (Feb, Mar, Apr) during the launch. Apparently it has been loved by a greater audience from India, to the United States of America, Great Britain, Australia and also in non – English speaking countries like France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Iqra Hameed – Literary Personality
She is an ordinary girl who resides in lucknow with her eyes filled with some extraordinary dreams.She is pursuing her graduation and has great affection towards poetry.She loves to write and finds peace in every word she spills her ink for.She has got her name in more than 15 anthologies and currenly working on her own book as well.She has been awarded with Asia’s Influential Women Awards 2021 and Glantor X Women leadership Awards 2022.She is grateful to every person who supported her in every way.Willing for more with hardwork and dedication.

Team PWP Congratulates each one of you for showcasing your talent, journey, hardwork & being a part of this Award. ?

All The Best for your future endeavors! ⭐


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