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Palestinian-based artist Norks Releases a new album “IX・XXVI・MMXX”

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Palestinian-based talented artist Norks returned to the spotlight with his newest release “IX・XXVI・MMXX”, which contained 7 solid tracks. The album follows up his release earlier this year called “Taking You To The Next Level”.

On “IX・XXVI・MMXX” Norks delivers a heartfelt vocal performance, explained in his lyrics. He gives us different pieces of a love story gone wrong. The album took him two years from making tracks and trying to shape the best artform he could shape, and he did it with the masterpiece that we got from him on May 6, 2022.

The album itself lasts just over 16 min 56 sec in listening time and features a more melodic side of the artist. While Norks has been active early in 2021, we can’t be too sure of when the next project will drop.

You can listen to “IX・XXVI・MMXX” here:

Follow Norks on Instagram here.

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