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Nita Nigam conducts a corporate grooming workshop at Brahma Valley Institute of Management, Nashik

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Nita Nigam is one of the most prominent personality development and confidence building coaches in India. Having worked with students, corporate leaders, celebrities, she is certainly one of the most sought after trainers.

Nita Nigam at Brahma Valley Institute of Management, Nashik

Nashik: Nita Nigam was invited to Brahma Valley Management Institute, Nashik, on Saturday, to conduct a life changing session on grooming corporate manners and etiquettes. Situated at Anjaneri in Nashik, BVIM has a very impressive and attractive campus. It is full of green, shady trees and has a comfortable sitting arrangement under these trees which naturally creates and promotes a studious environment. 

Known to work closely with the people in their ongoing efforts to bridge the communication-gap and contribute to their personality development, Nita delivered an interactive session. She shared the tips and tricks for successful corporate life. 

Excellence should become a habit, may it be your resume or your dress,” said Nita and explained to the curious listeners the importance of not only dressing up properly, but also how to carry themselves with confidence. 

Nita Nigam, who has been seen in popular telecoms like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai, and Santoshi Mata, urged, “Keep doing the small things well and big things will automatically follow.” The young men and women already appeared much confident. 

Thunderous applause echoed in the serene surroundings of Anjaneri Hills when Nita Nigam quoted Author ShivKhera, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.” 

The youngsters seemed inspired by the effective communication and confidence imparted by Nita Nigam. The reception was huge when Nita stressed on the importance of grooming in corporate culture. 

During the workshop, Nita Nigam shared tricks and tips that everyone should inculcate to be successful in their fields of work. Nita, who also helps celebrities and freelance actors in personality development and English speaking, stressed upon the importance of formal dressing, and dress code in the corporate culture.

Nita Nigam is a prominent corporate trainer and visiting faculty for MBA students in various institutions including Symbiosis, JDC Bytco. She is the one who grooms the aspirants with her pep talks about communication skills.

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