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Nishant and Chotu creating magic on screen , an undefined bond

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Recently this week an Indian movie “Chai” got a lot of recognition and accolades from international film festivals and also got an global premiere in London. The movie was produced and directed by Deeshak Patra and did an incredible job on bringing out young and fresh talents on screen.

Vikas Verma who played the role of Nishant and Archit Koli who plays the role of chotu shares there take on the relationship on screen and off-screen.

Vikas Verma :

“coming to the relationship between chotu & nishant i mean archit & me .. while shooting from the verry first day we have built that chemistry even off the shoot , we had helped each other in many ways … building up the relationship as our director wanted on the screen was actually fun .. haven’t seen or worked with a director like deeshak who always says ‘ mene bata diya hai abhi tum log dekho kese karna hai , boht ache actor hona tum log ‘ .. haha actually he had trusted both of us so much that we had to give the best .. & it was a way amazing experience of shooting this film”.

Archit Koli :

“Once when shooting, Deeshak our director asked both Vikas and me, if you had a choice to choose your role between ‘Chotu’ and ‘Nishant’, surprisingly we both called out the roles we actually were cast for. It was not out of comfort but a challenge to do something new for both of us. The character ‘Chotu’ got me excited in narration itself. The graph of emotions that ‘Chotu’ oscillates through gave me a lot to work on. The smooth and rough of the character is very well penned down. Vikas, having done alot in front of the camera and me majorly doing theatre were quite different. However the mutual respect and understanding, the admiration for each others process had always been there right from the preproduction days and also Deeshak was a sturdy bridge. We allshare a very professional and healthy bond on and offset. I honestly look forward to work with both Vikas and Deeshak anytime in future projects.”

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