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Neha Upadhayay: Asia’s youngest growing international educator and a young entrepreneur

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Neha Upadhayay is a young 28 years old International Educator and a state-level Beauty Pageant Holder. She was born in Uttar Pradesh and later grew up in New Delhi. She completed her graduation from Delhi in the beginning of her childhood. She was very keen to teach people when she was in grade 10. She used to teach poor families free of cost. Teaching was her passion while she was studying. She used her teaching passion as a part-time job as her financial condition was not that much good. She has to manage her house expenses and the education of her younger brothers. Time was flying and her dreams were becoming stronger and with time her teaching skills were improving a lot in 2015 a company hired her for their tutoring platform. She was working under few peoples based on the reviews of her students. She started her own institute for International Curriculum with a lot of hard work. The Popularity of her interview was increasing so fast she is becoming popular worldwide. Now her Institute (IB TEACH) for International Curriculum has been recognised worldwide. It’s the best online tutoring platform for the international curriculum. Her aim is to provide the best education to all the kids.

(Neha Upadhayay)

She wants to become a Global Icon. She is making India proud as teaching foreigners. Based on her performance she has got many awards. She has won many national awards in teaching. Recently, she received Forever Star India Award 2021 in Teaching and Research. After that, she received Rajiv Gandhi Icon Award in the category of Best Educationist Of The Year. After that, she got recognition from Havard World Records, she received a certificate and medal in the teaching category from London. She is the Best Motivator, Best Educator and Best Entrepreneur of people’s life. She is also a Business Women. People like her for her dedication and hard work. She wants to grow her business worldwide. She is a girl with bigger dreams in her eyes apart from that she is a Brand Ambassador of Forever Star India from Haryana. She is a Beauty Pageant Holder, She won Miss Gurgaon and Miss Haryana titles. Recently, she is active in many extracurricular activities.

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