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Meet the founder of “The Finishing School” image building firm- Neha D Gupta India’s most influential woman entrepreneur

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The Finishing School, a company founded and owned by Neha D Gupta, is dedicated to Image building of people who seek to transform their lives by gaining unbeatable confidence and impressive styling. Neha D Gupta believes that Image building is not just about fashion and styling but is a unique blend of external personality and unleashing of the inner positivity, skills and a confident state of mind.
Neha is a highly ambitious and multi-talented persona, bursting with brilliant ideas, vision, and a strong desire to excel in the fields of grooming, decorum, appearance advising, and character building. She is well-known around the country for providing excellent service. Her success philosophy is to make people feel good about themselves and their appearance. She is the ideal guide for anyone interested in image coaching, styling, grooming, body language, communication, and etiquette.
She received her degree from the London Image Institute and trained under the skilled guidance of Conselle Institute of Image Management’s Lynne Mark and Judith Rasband. She has provided specialised services to well-known organisations such as HDFC, ICICI, Raymonds, and IPCA Pharma, to name a few, as well as schools such as Jamnabai Narsee Monjee School, amongst many others.

A testimonial:
“In this competitive world, everyone wants to be at the top of the game. Without making a first good impression, one must work twice as hard to gain trust and respect from potential business partners. The Image principles I have learned have given me the personal power to appear confident, even when the situation may feel unfamiliar. Professional Image coaching is worth every cent as in yourself. Neha is a talented professional and thoughtful, she helps anyone who wishes to present themselves in business and in all of what they do. I recommend her as a very valuable resource for any individual or organisation.”

  • Vibhishan Maharana
    (Senior Application Manager, IT Industry)
    Neha says, “In a digital realm, your reflected picture should be your first and finest weapon. Ascertain that it is the congruent one and everyone can see it and 7 seconds up is for those who want to enhance and empower as many lives in order to develop confident and charismatic individuals and organisations who come across her”.
    ● Land Your Dream Job
    You will master how to project a strong executive presence and enhance your professional demeanour. I will also teach you how to enhance your nonverbal cues and communication abilities, which will assist you in developing professional connections and expanding your network.
    ● Improve Your Professional Reputation
    This book teaches you how to look breathtakingly trendy while also having a warm captivating lifestyle and personal virtues.
    ● Find Your Ideal Companion
    This book will make you appear more appealing and engaging to possible companions. You will discover how to develop an exceptional persona that will assist you in creating a perfect atmosphere with rivals.
    Neha’s goal and mission is to create fresh positive stories and image changes by bringing in more people and infusing them with soul. I am excited to introduce a more comprehensive method in which I work from the inside out as a coach, support, and guide to grooming excellence. I hope to use this enterprise to further my personal development while also contributing to society.


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