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Meet Dom Lucre – An American Musician, Veteran, Philanthropist, and Political Commentator

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Some people are immensely talented and eventually become part of multiple professions. Dom Lucre, also known as Dominick Andrew McGee, is no exception. He believes that life is too short to stick to one job. One should explore what fits the best in their lives and what provides them the most satisfaction. Dom’s music career kick-started when he was a high school student. 

He started making symphonies and melodies that gained the people’s attention, and his interest in the music industry skyrocketed. But because he belonged to a middle-class family, he didn’t have enough funds to start a music career on his own. For that purpose, right after his graduation, he joined the US Military. 

The sole purpose was to receive monetary gains and then utilize them in making his music career success.

In 2014, as he served in the military, Dom Lucre was in touch with his music career. He would drive long distances on the weekends to record labels with his mates, Hunter 6 Letterz and Darren Hunter.

He also became the Vice President of IVOS Records, which was a significant achievement. Soon after that, Dom was discharged from the US Military in 2016 and decided to focus on his HipHop music career solely. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia, for that purpose. Because he was the Vice President of IVOS Records, he started gaining traction on social media and gained thousands of followers in a short span of time.

Along with him becoming a public figure, IVOS Records attracted thousands of listeners on their Streaming channels as well, which was a huge success.

While working, he decided to upgrade his educational skillset and enrolled in an online degree program at the Pennsylvania State University. This was back in January of 2017. He managed to acquire a degree in Corporate Finance that opened new doors of opportunity for him.

His already entrepreneurial mindset used the concepts of Corporate Finance and founded a financial advising and credit restoration company in Chattanooga, Tennessee because this place had a lot less competition in the Finance sector. The company is known as “Credit Cadabra” and is still serving many people with the same dedication and perseverance as it was before.

Being a political commentator, Dom Lucre played a significant role in the 2020 Presidential Elections. He started showing his concerns regarding the unfair results of the elections on his Instagram, showing support for Donald Trump. He also created a Facebook group, “Win The Win,” which was stated as the most active conservative group on Facebook by the New York Times. These few series of events made Dom a famous personality, and as a philanthropist, he started a non-profit Christian missionary called “The Citizen Crusade”. The organization’s purpose was to provide restoration to the homeless communities in Tennessee. He also became the State Director of another non-profit organization, “Blexit Tennessee” which focused on community work and the educational needs of the people. According to Dom, he wants to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for the change.

Get to know more about Dom Lucre at his official website and social handles:

Instagram: @DomLucre
Twitter: @DomLucre
Facebook: @DomLucre1

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