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Manny Anchan The author, entrepreneur, and TEDx speaker from India who’s inspiring impressionable minds with his recent Tedx talk also known as Happiness Maverick of India

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Manoj Anchan, ‘Manny,’ is a true global citizen who has studied and lived in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. He is a Harvard and Columbia Business School graduate who thrives in multicultural, multiethnic, and global settings. Manny is a happiness maverick, haptech entrepreneur, best-selling author, and a United Nations’ global happiness summit speaker. During his academic years, he was exposed to positive psychology, which ignited his interest in positivity and happiness skills, leading him to start ‘Happiness Quotient Global Private Limited,’ a happiness technology enterprise. He authored and published his first two books ‘Happiness Samurai’ and ‘Happiness Memoir’ in 2021 and he has recently published his third book “Happy Conversations”. ‘Happiness Samurai’ is about Manny’s journey to finding his happiness and ikigai while ‘Happiness Memoir’ is a guide to journaling for people and finally “Happy Conversations” is about inspiring life lessons and quotes.

Through the book trilogy, Manny tries to provide the readers with practical ways to deal with life issues, find their happiness and help them inculcate good habits in their lives. He wants to awaken the happiness samurai that resides in each one of us. Manny Anchan was a speaker at TEDx Elpro International School, Pune in February 2022. This was the author’s second-ever TEDx talk and inspired thousands of people with his exceptional insights. The talk which was held in Pune saw a mixture of a live speaker with a live audience which proved to be a very mesmerizing experience for the author. The author talks about happy parenting and how the upbringing of children has a great impact on their flourishing. Being a father himself, which he described as the most important part of his life, the author talks about how a child should have the freedom to pursue what they want. After all, a child is going to build the life they want to live on their terms and a parent’s support and love play a great role in their lives and success, as explained beautifully by the inspiring author. Manny’s major purpose is to spread joy and assist others in their pursuit of happiness. He is doing this through seminars, workshops, programmes, and bespoke courses in addition to his critically acclaimed books. He also motivates people with films, essays, and photos that he posts on social media. This book is only another step in his quest to inspire people to discover their purpose and a source of lasting happiness.


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