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Latest Update: M Miraz Hosain

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M Miraz Hossain, the Former youngest CIP, was born on January 1, 1978, in Munshiganj. He is simultaneously an entrepreneur, writer, producer, artist, and journalist. Beyond those identities, he is a social worker. From childhood, he had a passion to devote himself to social welfare.

For higher study, he went to London. During this period, he was involved in United Nation for several social projects. In Canada, he worked as an assistant project director on a project called ”Special Child Survival”, initiated by the United Nations Association of Canada where he completed an organ transplant project through plastic surgery for children with accidents or birth defects. He also worked on a project to improve the living standards of fishermen and increase education rates in the Penang state of Malaysia.

He was actively involved in various UNICEF projects aimed at protecting the physical and mental health of children in underdeveloped and least developed countries. He is associated with the UN Bangladesh Youth Vision Project and was awarded in 2021 for his significant contribution to the project.

He has also been involved in various projects under USAID and other voluntary organizations, including cataract surgery, the provision of free medical care, and flood relief programs in rural areas of different countries.

He is the Director of the Lions Club of Dhaka Mahakhali Friends. Recently he launched a campaign from the organization to provide free eye surgeries and various eye treatments to poor old men and women in Dhanmondi. At an initial cost of BDT 1.5 million, 80 eye patients from all over the country, were initially treated on March 16, 2022. 

The organization also stood next to the homeless poor families. Lions Club of Dhaka Mohakhali Friends has given houses to 4 needy families on the banks of river Teesta at a cost of around Tk 5 lakh with the initiative and financial support of the director of the organization M Miraz Hossain.

Under his direction, the Ban Ki-Moon Center for Global Citizens has undertaken projects to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children and the elderly in Thailand and the Philippines. The project, called “Help for backward communities”, provides education and medical care to children with physical and mental disabilities, self-reliance through education and training for homeless unemployed youth, and various other public welfare activities, including rearing helpless old people.

In Bangladesh, he started a social organization called “Romans Youth Society”, “Central Road Development Forum”, and “Praner Batch 93”. From Praner Batch 93 he has organized programs to support the needy friends,  scholarship programs for meritious students”, “commodity relief and medical assistance during Corona”, “Iftar program in orphanage and old age home” and many other social activities. Apart from the welfare of the members, they are also playing a role in various social activities.

He is the President of “Keya Students Forum Bangladesh“. Under his supervision, various social activities including tree planting, scholarship program, distribution of winter clothes among the poor and needy in cold prone areas, competition,  Iftar program across the country, and distribution of books have been conducted.

He is one of the initiators of “Central Road Development Forum“. The main objective of this forum is to alleviate the waterlogging of the body and to serve the common people of the area including mosquito eradication activities. Last year, when there was a huge outbreak of dengue in Dhaka city, this organization took measures to clean different areas of the city as well as kill mosquitoes.

While as the Managing Director of MP Sweaters Limited, he also distributed free winter clothes to distressed and cold-stricken people almost every year.

He and his various organizations are working side by side with other organizations working for the development of the society and the country such as Pathashishu Kalyan Foundation, Red Crescent Society, Basmah Foundation, 1 Taka Ahar, BD Clean, Vidyananda Foundation. Their main goal is to provide education, medical treatment to the underprivileged street children, help the poor and disadvantaged people to ensure their livelihood and a better life and to serve humanity in different parts of the country.

He is relentlessly working for the people out of a sense of social and human responsibility. This man of many virtues has achieved success in the workplace as well as earned blessings and love from the depths of the human heart.

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