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IAAJ’s – Journey Master Pranay Potwar , Is an Inspiration to Young Guys Planning to enter Fitness Industry

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Over the years, the mindset of people has indeed changed for the better regarding many aspects of life. This also has to do a lot with the global health crisis that the world has experienced lately. More and more people are now becoming aware of their health and wellness and thus are seen joining fitness influencers and experts to transform their lifestyles and health and attain toned, healthier, and fitter bodies. “This is always a great sign of development in people, as their approach to fitness has changed and now they are prioritizing their health,” says fitness trainer Pranay potwar ,who can’t emphasize enough how essential it is for people to prioritize their health in today’s day and age. Pranay is called as Journey master Pranay & he feels really very Proud when his friends and family members call him by this name .

As a fitness lover, Pranay Potwar loves spending time in the gym and for his training sessions and wants more and more people in the world to do that, to give much importance to their bodies and health and achieve a much better and healthier lifestyle. Pranay potwar serves as a Journey Master in the fitness Organization ‘ It’s All About Journey’ . While in an interview podcast Session , he also claimed that the Founder of IAAJ – Gaurav Pawar has played a vital role in what he has achieved till date. He Started from Making 12k during the Initial days and now he is earning more than 50k INR per month

During the initial days the main reason of Pranay starting his Fitness Journey was the Suffering from some diseases. His weight was down to 49 kg and he himself wasn’t happy with it – so Pranay potwar decided to join a Gym and that’s how his Fitness Journey Began. He maintains consistency in his life with regular workouts and Exercises. Apart from this, Journey Master Pranay went on to say that he eats food that is healthy for his body, and not that is luring to the tongue

Training is a method of exercising with a more specific purpose or end goal. Exercising as part of a training plan is much more strategic; think of it as exercising with the long game in mind. While Concluding Pranay Potwar Says that “ Inspiration comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. All you require is the urge to push yourself to a limit where you achieve your goals”


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