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How Slatwalls and Floating Shelves Enhance the Store’s Display

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Customers get attracted to what they see. Store owners may want to leverage that fact and lure as many customers as possible. Display systems serve as a billboard for a store. It is a crucial factor that determines if a customer will walk in or not. The right display system is vital for any retailer, regardless of the size of the store. One of the most common display solutions is Slatwall, an elegant solution that will pull customers into the store. Slatwall shelves are lightweight, easy to install and come in various designs, colors, and sizes. Store owners can always get customized shelves as Slatwall shelves are made to order.

What is Slatwall Shelves?

Slatwall is mobile shelving units made of wood or thick wire mesh. It is a structural material used to create wall coverings or display fixtures. These date back to the 1960s when they were developed as an innovative solution to display goods in a store. They are often made of wood panels that feature horizontal grooves or slats that hold various accessories such as bins, hooks, and shelves. There are many varieties of Slatwall available in the market, such as free-standing or full-wall panels that can be fixed to existing walls. In many cases, these shelving units are reinforced with aluminum inserts that fit into the grooves of the Slatwall. The added aluminum provides strength and support to the structure and, if colored, provides the opportunity to customize the look of the Slatwall.

Floating Shelves

These are considered the perfect retail partner for Slatwall shelves in US. These can be installed anywhere on a Slatwall panel by sliding them into the desired slat. No brackets or reinforcements of any kind are needed to install them. This gives retailers the freedom to change the formation of the shelf almost instantly and make room for different-sized products whenever they need to. Slatwall and floating shelves contribute to improving your retail space in many ways, as mentioned below.

They are Simple and Sleek

Slatwall and floating shelves are simple yet sleek design solutions to display your merchandise. They blend into the background, and there is no need to worry about the design aspect with these. Since they are easy to install, one can instantly change the design if they don’t like it. These also make it easier to accommodate different products of varying sizes on one wall. Their flexibility and ability to fit in various spaces, whether small or odd-shaped, make them the best option to enhance the store’s appearance.

They are Available in Various Colors, Materials, and Styles

Similar to most retail shelving units present today, they come in various options. One can buy Slatwall and floating shelves in any color, design, or material. This makes designing effortless and easier to achieve the look one desires.

Flexible Functionality

Slatwall panels are a universal solution to use the vertical space on the walls and aisles of the shops. They are an easy and smart solution to make efficient use of the space with the store to its maximum capacity. The items can be efficiently arranged to display the available stock in individual layouts or as a bundle, as the shelves can be arranged and aligned as needed.

They Don’t Take Up Floor Space

The primary reason retailers use Slatwall, and floating shelves combination is to free up floor space. These are vertical storing solutions that can be placed directly on the walls of the retail establishment, or they can be free-standing units that use “specialized legs.” Because of this, they free up space on the floor for your customers to move around freely. This directly impacts the shopping experience by lifting everything to eye level and making it more enjoyable.


With this system, Slatwall systems allow the practical arrangement of items while using store spacae efficiently. Due to their flexibility, Slatwall can be arranged in portrait or landscape variations, with either matching or contrasting inserts for accessories. You can add fittings such as boxes, shelves, hooks, arms, and rings to the inserts to present the goods attractively. Redecoration is also easy and without the help of an expert, and change of design can be easily done to suit the changing stock or display needs. There is no need to plan, set up, break down or wrestle while reassembling new units.

Slatwall and floating shelves provide a versatile and unique solution even for small spaces. They give your customers the room they need to shop freely without sacrificing your store’s display.


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