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FunnsizeNiNi claims her position in the rap industry since her first song release.

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FunnsizeNiNi is an American rapper and songwriter who brought a storm with her first rap song. Her first ever song release got more than 40k views on YouTube within just 2 days. Since her very first release, she looks promising. Her talent can easily be seen by the quality of the singing.
FunnsizeNiNi takes motivation from different cultures and genres. She mixes these elements to fill the gap in today’s music scene. With the same type of music circulating, it is refreshing when a new artist comes along and does something different and FunnsizeNiNi is one of them.
FunnsizeNiNi is a fresher in the industry but she works like a pro. While she was growing up, she was so much influenced by music. She thinks that her taste in music definitely affected her desire to be an artist. She loves listening to music that she can relate to.
When she was younger she struggled a lot. She lost her father at a very young age and whatever she felt, she tried to put all of it into her music. She thinks that other people will relate to it.

She is not only an artist but a successful entrepreneur too. She is running her own clothing business where she has her own clothing store and designs her own clothes. She has worked with the biggest names in the industry of entrepreneurship and she wants to build a quite substantial brand.
She also did many other notable things while leading her startup. She did modeling and dancing as well. She did many big shows earlier and now she also has a couple of events coming up.

FunnsizeNiNi posing

With all her success, you’d think it would end here. Truth be told, her real passion is creating good music and inspiring others at the same time. She mixes the elegant yet modern vibe and creates beautiful music that would impress any music lover.
FunnsizeNiNi has achieved many things in her life and business, but her true love is helping others. As she says “I want to empower others to be happy”, and she is doing just that.
One thing is for sure, FunnsizeNiNi is going to make a huge impact in the American rap industry or even the world’s rap industry. Who knows! But if you too became a fresh fan of FunnsizeNiNi,

follow her on Instagram:

Listen to her song:

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