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Featuring India’s one of most renowned Cyber Expert Nitin Pandey who works with Uttar Pradesh Police

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Nitin Pandey is a renowned Cyber Security, Dark Web, Counter Terrorism Researcher and Cyber Crime Investigator who is currently working as a Cyber Crime Consultant at Uttar Pradesh Police Headquarters, Lucknow. A globally acknowledged expert, he has more than a decade’s experience in the field of Cyber Security. Nitin’s expertise is widely recognized in India and abroad, which is reflected in deliverables of numerous workshops, seminars, talks and trainings among a variety of different audiences including colleges, companies, industry meets and conferences.

Nitin Pandey

Popular as a cybercrime investigation specialist with an intensive technical investigation process, Nitin Pandey is known for his expertise in handling financial and banking frauds. During his distinguished career, he has had wide exposure in dealing with cases related to dark web, cyber threat intelligence, online crimes, money laundering and cybercrimes.

Nitin Pandey has gone one step up and besides touching just keyboards and wires all the time he has touched lives of so many people…
Nitin writes Blog articles named on WordPress named Cyber Security: The neXt dimension on WordPress. Nitin Pandey has Trained more than 50 thousand plus audience covering Law Enforcement Officials, IT Professionals & Students in the area of Cyber Security & Emerging Threat Landscape.

Nitin has been widely acknowledged by Industry leading Cyber Security firms, Communities, Law Enforcement Agencies & Senior Professionals for the excellence in leading & delivering Cyber Security Projects, Assessments, Talks, Views & Trainings in different sectors involving Public, Private Enterprises & Government.

Nitin was given the recognition from Dell for spotting a bug known as Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Server version disclosure bug in Microsoft web server and Click jacking bug in Google, wherein a hacker can execute malicious scripts to a legitimate website or web applications. Dell has fixed the XSS Vulnerability. The most dangerous bug which Nitin reported to Microsoft was server version disclosure, wherein a hacker can easily exploit the server by identifying its version.

Apart from Google, tech giant Microsoft has acknowledged the vulnerability which Nitin found in their server and Nitin’s name is mentioned in (May & June 2017 Researcher Acknowledgement ) Page.

Dell has listed Nitin’s name in Q2 17 (June) on their website.

Like other Cyber Security professionals, Nitin Pandey also has expertise and can respond for any requirements in Penetration Testing, Cyber Crime Investigations, Incident Response, Incident Management, Security Audit, SOC, Service Management, Crisis Management, Wireless Security, Security Strategy, Network Penetration Testing, Fraud Control and so on. These are some areas where he is most comfortable providing services to people. Nitin Pandey is also highly active and interested in Researches, talking about current and emerged cyber security threats. You can contact him to speak at your Conferences, for Workshop Trainings, Cyber Security Consulting & Advisory Services.


  • Cyber Crime & Security Awareness
  • Researches on Emerging & Latest Threats
  • Cyber Security Career Guidance
  • Penetration Testing
  • Parenting with Netizens
  • Network Security
  • Cyber Crime Investigations
  • Dark Web Investigations
  • Combatting Cyber Terrorism
  • Online Human Trafficking
  • Combatting Cyber Extortion/Bullying
  • Sextortion
  • Advanced Training with Kali Linux
  • Internet of Things
  • Ethereum Technology
  • Cryptocurrencies such as Ether & Bitcoin
  • BlockChain Technology
  • Cyber Security Talks, Workshop Trainings & Security Services
  • Invited as Speaker & Trainer by following Governments:
    • 1. Ministry of IT&C, Chelyabinsk Region, Government of Russia
    • 2. Ministry of IT&E, Government of India
    • 3. Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Sri Lanka
    • 4. Ministry of IT, Government of Uttar Pradesh


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