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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp servers crash worldwide; Twitter says, ‘Hello literally everyone’

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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went down without warning on Monday night for one of the longest outages in the company’s history. Millions of social media users worldwide flocked to Twitter to stay connected and share their thoughts on the unprecedented outage.

For the first time, social media users were without Facebook or Instagram and couldn’t even use WhatsApp to find out the reason behind this digital apocalypse. And so, they turned to the last man standing – Twitter! The social media giant grabbed the opportunity to enjoy all the attention and welcomed millions of first-timers to the platform with a simple post: “Hello literally everyone.”

The outage proved to be a massive coup for Twitter. The fact that they were a lifeline for social media users when a black hole had swallowed up all other platforms was reflected by the sheer volume of likes and retweets they received. And not to mention, the demand from brands looking to get in on the action and cut a big slice of all that attention pie.

McDonald’s wasted no time in asking Twitter, “Hi, what can I get U.” To which Twitter replied, “59.6 million nuggets for my friends.” Not one to miss a trick, Netflix tweeted an image from its hit show “Squid Game”, which showed a series contestant labeled as “Twitter,” acting as a lifesaver for another contestant tagged “Everyone.”

Users left no stone unturned to joke about how productivity had soared since Facebook, and its apps went down and suggested that millions of people were getting more fresh air and exercise than usual. Yet, behind the abundance of memes, jokes, and gigs triggered by the mass outage, many voiced the real concern that the three billion users who depend on Facebook to communicate would have been in serious trouble if Twitter and Gmail had gone AWOL as well.

In its official statement, Facebook said, “People and businesses around the world rely on us every day to stay connected. We understand the impact outages like these can have on people’s lives, and we consider it our responsibility to keep people informed about disruptions to our services. We apologize to all those affected, and we are working to understand more about what happened.”

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