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Extreme Weather Leaves Australians with Damaged Homes and Vehicles

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Extremes in temperature are causing more and more damage every year. From California to Australia, we need to make moves to protect our property and our vehicles in these challenging times. 

Extremes of weather are becoming commonplace as the year’s progress. Coincidentally rising alongside the global use of plastics, the world’s weather problems are here to stay. Until we can thoroughly reverse the current levels of damage we are producing, we need to take safety measures. So, of course, that’s what the COP 26 summit in Glasgow was about. 

Until we can start lowering global damage to the environment across the entire planet, we ought to take measures into our own hands. So here are a few ways to protect your property from weather extremes as the climate crisis worsens.

How to Protect your Home and Vehicle from the Climate Crisis

Protecting your home and vehicle from the effects of extreme weather starts with you. Here are a few ways you can save both with a few moves.

Get your car off the street.

Getting your car off the street is the obvious starting point to protect your property against weather damage. It is also a great place to start in protecting your vehicle from other motorists and pedestrians.

There are three ways that you can protect your car from extreme weather. Two starts with your vehicle being within the confines of your property. The third is to have a car cover made for your car. You can buy these from your car’s manufacturer. A car cover is like a waterproof shield that you place around your car, protecting it from sunlight, which is essential if you live in a hot climate.

Otherwise, consider building a garage for your car. The garage is big enough to house any vehicle other than a truck. It also gives you the option of making a second-story room addition to your property. In addition, garages will protect your car from the elements and give you an added layer of security.

Third, you should think about a carport. According to the experts at carport Sydney, a carport is a great way to protect your car from the elements without forking out the total cost for a garage. Garage installation can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, whereas carport installation is a much more affordable alternative. In addition, it will protect your car on three sides and shield it from the worst of the weather.

Protecting your home from extremes of weather

Although it gets a bad reputation because of the UK cladding crisis, consider cladding your building to protect your brickwork from extremes of weather. Ensure that your cladding is non-flammable before you erect it. 

Besides cladding, you can use other things to protect your building’s framework. Roughcasting is a popular option to stop the bricks exposed to bad weather. Different ways to protect your home from weather extremes include installing double-glazed windows and removing any trees from around your property.

Remember – all good storm planning starts with good insurance, so make sure you have adequate coverage, and you should be protected at home.


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