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Experience the Revolution of the Automobile Industry

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“Muneer Lyati, a dexterously talented mechanical engineer, continues to explore the field of mechanical engineering, creating innovations.”

Born and raised in the alluring province of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Lyati found his passion discovered his passion in the automotive industry at a very young age. His interest led him to publish a famous book focusing on the regular maintenance of cars. He is currently researching Modern Automobile Manufacturing, Automobile Technology, and Innovation. 

Lyati completed his UG course with a noteworthy GPA at the Jeddah College of Technology, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Science. Pursuing his interest in the automotive industry, he became a secretary of the Engineering Student Association, where he gained immense experience and then proceeded in the path where he truly belonged, handling practical works in the automobile sector. He worked as an operator in Hussain Al- Ali institute for some time as he continued his research and studies.

According to the estimated calculation by The Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 75 percent of the carbon monoxide pollution in the United States is caused by vehicles.

The need has arisen to create quality automobiles that can act as a contributor in reducing the rate of fuel emissions, along with a new framework to produce productive cars.  

Hybrid Electric Vehicles, a research project pursued by Lyati, focuses on improving the nation’s transportation sector with effective and cost-efficiently constructed automobiles. It presents the Series HEV, Parallel HEV, and Combination HEV, putting forth various points about the essential components needed to form an efficacious transportation system like the vehicle control, configuration, and many more. He believes that hybrid vehicles have the potential to perform better, and it’s also fuel-efficient, which would contribute to the preservation of natural resources like coal, thereby causing a positive impact on the environment. This study has brought out the importance of a streamlined transportation system and its effects on the economy of the country as a whole.

Joint probability distribution, which is represented by Bayesian networks, plays a massive role in the algorithm of machine learning. Lyati’s second research was based on the benefits derived by utilizing the studies about Bayesian networks, implementing it to create and manufacture a quality transportation system. This research was done in context to his first research project about Hybrid Electric Vehicles, garnering colossal appreciation from the professionals of the automobile field.

His current research on Modern Automobile Manufacturing Automobile Technology and Innovation continues to reach new heights as time passes. The findings of his study are said to create a revolution in the field of automobiles, taking humankind to explore unexpected levels of creativity and excellence in the transportation system. His talent enabled him to receive an honorary science award in 2021 from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC). He had received the award for his brilliant research on the ways to increase the efficiency of engines and reduce emissions.

He has also released a book compiling his findings on the regular maintenance of cars. The book has been derived from extensive research and conclusions based on authentic experimentation.  The ISBN code of the book is 9789779903460. The book is simple but effective, which allows common people with no experience in the field to read and understand the concepts easily. 

Presently, he is working as a trainer at the Technical and Vocational Training Cooperation (TVTC). He is renowned for the methodologies he uses to impart his knowledge to the juniors belonging to the same field.

Not only this, his interest in artificial intelligence has encouraged him to publish a few articles about artificial intelligence and electric vehicles, where he conveys the dominant role of AI in the machine industry in the near future.

Lyati has always been enthralled by the field of automobiles, especially in the manufacturing of cars. His heartfelt dedication towards his work continues even after gaining years of experience. His ambition lies in finding innovations for the betterment of the contemporary transportation structure. He plans to pursue his career as an Engine and Vehicle specialist, ensuring the production of first-class engines for the safety of the customers, building his specialization and experience as an Engine and Vehicle specialist by working in a private sector with regards to the area of his principal. 

He plans to set his mark on a larger scale globally, and his website is soon said to reveal an online shop that might be focused on digital sales of cars, owing to the rise of car buyers in the Covid times. This has created a sense of expectation and curiosity among the users.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Muneer Lyati at +966566240180, or email

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