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Everything you need to know About Itay Amaram and his new Single “Boundary Waters”

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Itay Amram is an award-winning international composer whose music got to millions of ears across platforms. He was born and raised in Israel, in a Jewish Iraqi-Russian family, and was captivated by the diverse and rich cultures of the region. While growing up as an artist at the prestigious Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts, Itay kept learning eagerly eclectic styles of music and instruments, which led him to compose an ethnic-electronic score for the acclaimed theater play “Mujahedeen Khalq”. The play tells the story of Iran through an Iranian lens and different timelines and successfully got the attention of Israel’s top Iran researchers such as Dr. Tamar Eilam Gindin, Prof. Ze’ev Maghen, and Shalem Collage. Afterward, Itay continued to evolve as a composer in the local industry, writing music for short films, documentaries, and the hit kids game show “The Big Challenge! For Kids Only” of Hop! Channel. 

In 2019 Itay was officially selected to be a guest at Cannes Film Festival. Inspired by friends from the global filmmaker’s community, he decided to relocate to Los Angeles and launch his international career. Itay worked on projects of creators from around the world, learned the stories of their cultures, and helped in telling them. One of them was the Amazon Prime Video docu-series “Off the Cuff”, in which he wrote music for its 2 seasons, that showcases the unfamiliar communities of America. Another is the acclaimed short film “Strangers” by the Brazilian director Joel Junior, which deals with healing post-trauma in the LGBT community. 

Itay won multiple awards for his work as the composer and sound designer of the film, which so far received over 30 awards. As an established composer in Hollywood, Itay joined the world’s biggest film composers group, Remote Control Productions. Working with the prominent Icelandic composer Atli Örvarsson, Itay took a critical role in composing some of America’s biggest TV shows, “FBI” (CBS), “FBI: International” (CBS), and “Chicago Fire” (NBC), as well as working in the music department of Defending Jacob (Apple TV+) and “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” (Netflix). 

Itay’s music is known for its unique signature sound pallets that fill with life the world of each of his media projects, made of expressive organic sounds across different genres. In his upcoming feature film “Like Me” (acquired by the international sales agency, The Open Reel), Itay demonstrated his versatile approach by combining techno, EDM, hip-hop, orchestral, rock, and suspense music in one solid full-length score. Another example is his score for the PC and VR video game “Frontiers Reach” (available on Steam), in which he combined American folk and blues with space-electronic music.

Lately, Itay released a single from his original soundtrack from Off the Cuff’s doubles episode “America’s Most Protected Wilderness”. The single, “Boundary Waters“, captures the survival journey of Flutter Brothers Productions in the majestic Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota. On their journey, the crew took the challenge of hunting, harvesting, cooking, and sleeping in the wild nature, while commuting by canoes and foot in a scenic environment. In his score, Itay captured the breath-taking experiences, that include a mixture of fear, tiredness, revival, and beauty.

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