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Enterprenur Gaurav Vinod Dubey express his views on Russia-Ukraine was and Indias stand among them.

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In 1971, India and Pakistan went to war over a humanitarian crisis in East Pakistan i.e. present-day

Bangladesh. Fighter jets were flying in from Jordan, Iran, France and Turkey to assist Pakistan. It also had moral and naval support from the US and the UK.

Warships were dispatched to the Indian Ocean region, ships from Britain were targeting India’s West Coast and the US navy was heading to the Bay of Bengal region.

New Delhi was calling out for help against the coordinated and multidimensional attack. Nobody

came out to help, nobody but the Soviet Union. It dispatched its nuclear-armed fleet and atomic

submarines in the Indian Ocean region. It encircled the region and stopped the US and the UK navy from entering India’s territorial waters.

It is 2022, The geopolitical scenario has changed. Yes, there have been certain hiccups in the India-Russia relationship. But we are the time tested and a de facto ally. I don’t see a reason why one should question India’s position on abstaining from voting against Russia in UN Security Council.

If you still have a doubt then I’d like you to THINK AGAIN and this time THINK BETTER.


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