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Dr. Shivam Mishra Appointed as National Secretary of AIYTF

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Dr. Shivam Mishra is the yoga acharya of Noida and in view of the work done by him in the upliftment of yoga teachers during the last ten years, World Famous Yoga Acharya Dr. Shivam Mishra was Appointed as National Secretary of All India Yoga Teachers Federation The Federation has appointed him as its new secretary.

The Appointment of Dr. Shivam Mishra is considered to be very important before Yoga Day, In such a situation, The Federation is strengthening itself in the form of national yoga Sports. This appointment is also important in the sense that when yoga has been given the status of sports by the Indian Government and Shivam has been a Master of Yoga Sports.

Dr. Shivam Mishra will have a big responsibility of protecting the interests of about thirty thousand yoga teachers in the country and abroad including Mr. Mangesh Trivedi the President of the Federation.

In such a situation, it is important to see whether The Federation will give preference to sports in yoga? Because Dr. Mishra has a long experience in yoga sports.

Shivam talk about yoga that, The main objectives of yoga are to calm the mind and gain understanding, relaxation from independent consciousness, and liberation from saṃsāra and duḥkha: a process that leads to unity and deity or Human Personality. This policy differs from philosophical or religious principles. In the ancient Astanga yoga program, the main goal of yoga is to acquire samadhi and to remain in that state as pure awareness.

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