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Business Coach and Attorney James Greene offers entrepreneurs insight into protecting their businesses using TikTok

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TikTok, a raging social media platform, has been around worldwide since 2018 but has rapidly gained attraction. Despite its recent debut, TikTok is gaining attraction on mainstream social media. It is popular among everyone – from celebrities to teens to cool grandmas – but how much can a business owner gain from TikTok?  Coach and Attorney James Greene offers entrepreneurs insight into protecting their businesses using TikTok.

It seems like the platform was primarily intended to lip-sync videos, not for marketing products and services. The platform, however, has so much potential and can be used as a fun, creative way to reach your target audience purely organically by small businesses.

James Greene is one of those qualified attorneys who is dedicated to help people start and grow their businesses.

Before becoming an Attorney licensed in Florida, he gained years of extensive experience as an entrepreneur. James faced the same struggles of starting a business as most entrepreneurs do. To help others with the high learning curve, James decided to share his knowledge with the entrepreneur community through social media and encourage and assist entrepreneurs to succeed in their field of expertise. 

As a result of sharing business tips on TikTok, he has already gained a following of 43k+ entrepreneurs.

Greene has been sharing tips such as why LLCs are important, how to manage sales/marketing and simplifying legal aspects of business with the TikTok community and new entrepreneurs that don’t have access to attorneys. TikTok’s community and business owners have responded positively to Greene’s educational and actionable content.

As a result, they have also found it easy to understand some of the most important legal concepts, such as setting up an entity, contracts, and much more. 

James Greene is also the founder of Hustle Full Throttle and provides business coaching programs geared towards helping the clients achieve their goals through strategy and learning. Greene provides a unique Unlimited Coaching model to allow clients the ability to obtain guidance when they need it rather than being forced to wait on a set meeting schedule. 

Greene’s valuable insights are already helping raise awareness of how businesses need to be protected legally among entrepreneurs who are eager to acquire new skills and learn how to start, grow, and protect their businesses. James will be launching a new business very soon to offer easy access to business legal resources and services for entrepreneurs, including contract templates and guides. 

TikTok is a great way for small businesses to reach out to new customers and prospects. There are more than 1 billion users on TikTok, who share numerous videos every day, as they are highly engaged, love sharing content, and open the application multiple times a day. Small businesses can display their creativity, add humor to their posts, and showcase products that resonates with their targeted audience. 

James Greene has kept all the above factors in mind and as a business strategist and educator, he aims to help entrepreneurs on their journey to success by providing them with relevant business strategies and education.

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