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‘All life’s issues and problems bring us down and tie us up with chains. It’s really important to break these chains and fly freely, only then we can understand our true potential’, says Piyush Pratik Mohanty, an author, writer, poet, blogger and healthcare student. He is just 22 years old and has published four no. of books and worked in numerous anthologies as coauthor. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field of prosthetics and orthotics. He comes from this beautiful place called Joda located in the northern part of Odisha and he is currently staying in the state capital Bhubaneswar. His books are TIME’S INSERTION: THE DAWN OF THE JOURNEY, BE FLEXIBLE AND MARCH FORWARD, ODYSSEY OF MISAPPREHENSION AND COSMOS OF UTOPIA. He received a lot of fame and recognition for his third book I.e. ODYSSEY OF MISAPPREHENSION.


His writing journey started in the year of 2020, the year which for the first time locked us up all at our respective homes. He said that he capitalized on the leisure time he got during the lockdown; basically turning crisis into opportunities. Sitting at home he thought why not to start writing articles and this led to writing short stories and finally, he got the confidence to write a book. During the lockdown he published his initial two books and in 2021 he came up with other two books. He also maintains a blog in different online media platforms. He has won a lot of awards and appreciation for his works. He also mentioned that he was able to reach such heights with the blessings of his parents as well as with the support and love of his friends, without them the task would have been very difficult. He also mentioned that his success mantra was patience, honesty and self-confidence. An author must have the patience to write a book, must be honest while writing the content and must have the self-confidence to cope up with all the stress and anxiety generated during the process.

In coming years, he is planning to launch his own blogging platform as well as he is currently working on two more books. So stay tuned for these gems.


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