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Author Richa Agarwal titled as “Ms. Succeeder”in Feminarc award by AwardsArc

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It’s great to see people rising from scratch with keeping self – motivation in mind. Feminarc Awardee, Richa Agarwal is a live example of it.
AwardsArc titled her “Ms. Succeeder” for her positive thinking and a keen approach towards all good things which is required to be a successful person and we are proud to call her a, Super Girl.

Richa Agarwal is a girl born in a joint family, bought up with wider mindset to see the truth of the dark society.
Being a girl she never limited herself but let her dreams be set free.
She says, “When you are a girl it is expected you be confined to the four walls of a house but I got a chance to explore my talent.”

She is a successful writer who was tagged as an author approx 6 months back for her book- SUNHEREE JAZBAAT.

Having the best support in life she never found herself caged in the golden cage of the society. She was asked to let all her dreams flourish, whether be it dancing, cooking, art and crafts, writing or any.

A girl without the pressure to get married instead asked to live her life to fullest describes her as Richa Agarwal.

Writing is her passion, hobby and what not. She has been a co-author of many books like – Are We Developing?, Love – The Secret Medicine, and many more.

She have achieved many things till now, and one thing she learnt from all of them was self confidence, boost up and motivation.
Her achievement list is as follows-
1.Writer since 2018
2.Author in 2021
3.Golden Arc Award winner 4.Rising shining star award winner
5.Best debator
6.Incredible Writer tagged
7.Aaj ki womania tagged by the National magazine TZP.
8.Bhartiya one of the 100 inspirational person award winner.

  1. Member of the Indian Women Historic Museum IWHM.

She was selected for her works, will power and enthusiasm she keeps with herself to follow any task.

We might see Richa becoming a successful woman in mere future.

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