What Made Tony Delgado Into The Multimillionaire Tech Entrepreneur We Know Today

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Tony Delgado is a software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, and tech entrepreneur who has started multiple online and software-based businesses. He is currently residing in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he set up base in hopes of battling economic inequality through various initiatives with his Disrupt Foundation. 

He spent a significant amount of time around computers. Throughout his career, Tony had previously worked with top companies in the technology sector such as LG Electronics, Google, and Microsoft. 

It is this experience in technology that allowed Tony to leave a great impact on the lives of many Latin American students.  

Growing Up With Tech 

At an early age, Tony was exposed to technology because he was raised by his single mother who was a computer programmer. 

Raised by his single mother, who also happened to be a computer programmer, he had access to a computer at a young age. So by the time he was in second grade, Tony was already learning how to code. 

But being tech-savvy wasn’t the only characteristic that Tony developed. As he grew, he also showed his entrepreneurial tendencies. He began by selling on eBay and Amazon. 

Tony is proof that you can find fortune on the internet. From earning $50 weekly, he began earning $3,000 in a day. 

A Lucrative Career 

One of Tony’s early successes in his career happened back in 2009 when he scaled a seven-figure e-commerce business. He also launched an online magazine called Hyper Eater which focused on music, fashion, and pop culture. His programming skills came in handy when he launched several online magazines, Twitter Bots, content aggregators, and secure video sharing sites. 

Back in 2015, Tony became a lead developer at a digital marketing agency called Websignia which services corporate clients in the New York City metropolitan area. He then became a professional developer and has also won numerous hackathons sponsored by Fortune 500 tech companies. 

Tony later moved to New Jersey, where he became business partners with Gerald Adams, an internet entrepreneur after selling his company, Elite Daily, for $50 million to The Daily Mail.

Eventually, Tony left his lucrative job as the chief technology officer in Fownders, a social impact accelerator owned by Adams because he saw an opportunity that will change his life forever: to create a similar entrepreneur movement to help the people in his home country of Puerto Rico where he moved for good in 2018. 

Through his knowledge in technology and business, Tony has helped countless Latin Americans find profitable opportunities in the digital age. And as the world continues to develop, he has more innovative ideas that will keep aspiring entrepreneurs on their toes and ready to catch their break toward success.

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