Top 10 apps to learn coding available on PlaystoreTop 10 apps to learn coding available on Playstore

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Want to get started with Coding? Here’s a list of top 10 apps to learn new skills and get your coding journey started.

Grasshopper –

Grasshopper, a free coding app for beginners, created by a team of passionate coders from Google’s workshop for experimental products, Area 120, was launched in April 2018. It was created to provide basic coding skills for free so that everyone could benefit from anywhere and learn a new skill. Initially launched as an app for mobile phones, Grasshopper can now also be accessed on desktop. It has interactive lesson plans for learning.

More than two million people have benefited from it. Grasshopper students include stay-at-home parents, construction workers and factory machinists–people who do not necessarily have programming experience, but who are interested in exploring coding as a career option.

SoloLearn –

Sololearn is a series of free apps that allows users to learn coding skills free of cost using short lessons, code challenges and quizzes. The lessons start from the beginning so that anyone can get started. It has a long range of languages and users can take as many lessons as they wish for free. Over 35,000,000 users have taken up courses on SoloLearn.

SoloLearn can be accessed as both an app and a website for learning. Users can make their own projects and upload them on the platform for others to see and practice. SoloLearn has a great and massive community of learners.

Codeacademy –

Codeacademy, founded on August 2011 Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski, is an American online platform that provides free coding courses on in 12 different languages ranging from Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, etc. Codeacademy is set up to bring the change in the education system. It offers a highly interactive learning platform for the students to learn new skills.

The site also offers a pro version which focusses on a more personalized experience and detailed courses with unlimited practice sessions and peer support. Pro version also includes certificates upon the completion of the courses with step-by-step guidance.

Udemy –

Udemy was launched in May 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar. Udemy is massive open online course provider with over 130,000 courses available in 65 different languages as of 2020. Udemy has a course on almost every language out there. Udemy has seen over 400 million course enrollments.

It provides professional courses which also provide credits in front of the professional certificate. The price is generally low and affordable by everyone. It also provides a 30-day money back guarantee if a student does not like the course, he/she can ask for a refund.

EduYear Prime –

EduYear Prime is a product of an EdTech startup EduYear launched in June 2020. The app provides a large variety of course tutorials on various languages. Apart from that it also provides project explanations. Students after learning a skill can also learn how to implement the skill by watching the project explanation videos.

Many of the basic course and projects are available for free. There is also a prime subscription option available which provides access to premium content at a very minimal fee. The vison of this upcoming startup is to bring the much-needed change in the education system and provide access to every person at an affordable fee.

Mimo –

Mimo is an application-based learning platform. It is a platform which teaches web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. It helps the students to learn to make websites and app in a fun and interactive way. The lessons are gamified and can be learnt from anywhere and on the go.

More than 3 million users have learnt through Mimo. Students having zero prior experience can get started easily and learn a new skill using the app.

Programming Hub –

The mission of programming hub is – Teach programming to anyone, anywhere, anytime and nurture their skills to assist them with employment. It is one of the fastest growing mobile EduTech initiative which is a one stop solution for learning a variety of popular programming languages.

They have crafted the perfect learning path for the users with the help of industry experts and research conducted. They have also made the learning experience fun and interactive. They have over 4 million downloads and 1 million active users worldwide.

Coursera –

Coursera founded in 2012, a massive open online course provider is now also available as an application service. Coursera connects you with free online courses from 115+ top universities in the world including Stanford, Princeton and yale.

It has a great user experience and a highly interactive platform for learning professional courses. The courses are divided as a specialization (which consists of a series of courses) and single courses. It has subscription-based model which unlocks all the premium courses.

LinkedIn Learning –

LinkedIn Learning is the official learning platform of LinkedIn. It has a database of over 16000+ courses on in demand skills created by industry experts and professionals. LinkedIn Learning app is a free to download app which offers all these courses on the mobile and you can learn anywhere anytime.

All the courses are available on a subscription basis. With the subscription you can access all the courses and earn certificates and get industry ready. It also has an option for a larger team learning a skill.

Data Camp –

The app version of Data Camp provides lessons and byte sized exercises on languages such as Python, R, SQL etc. It is generally for learning data science technologies. It includes interactive lessons, daily challenges. You can learn anywhere anytime using the app.

It provides real time feedback as you code and you can collect experience points as your skill grows. It provides a 7-day free trial period to test out the courses.


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