Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited is on a mission to educate more than just selling services of premier Cloud Business Email Hosting.

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In business since 2018, Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited specializes in delivering cloud business email hosting with a huge clientele globally. Intending to help their clients with the most important tool far beyond exceeding phone calls, messaging, online portals, and forums Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited stood tall with website hosting and data storage all progressively migrating to the cloud, owing to the email hosting to be the next big adopter. One of India’s fastest and most secure cloud business email hosting, Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited offers numerous advantages to users for using cloud-based business Email hosting.

With a team of certified professionals and rich experience, Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited educates its clients more than just selling services with a client retention rate of almost 94%. The clients rely on them for their email hosting which provides secure and reliable email services to all of their clients. By closely monitoring for email problems, they assure their clients not only with a business email quickly but with the same reliability with all their cloud hosting products with Multi-Layer Security, Encrypted Data Storage, Email Send/Receive or SYNC speed is much faster, up to 50 GB Mail Storage Capacity, up to 50 MB File Attachment allowed, 30 Days Backup and Restore facility, ZERO DNS errors/warnings, Easy setup on any email application on a desktop or mobile device, and Fast IMAP Mail SYNC Speed even for 25 GB + Mailbox.

Regardless of the growing importance of social and digital media, emails remain the most important medium of communication for businesses and individuals. Businesses receive and send thousands of emails every day and managing these is not an easy task. That is where Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited comes into the picture as a professional cloud business email service provider that take over the management of the mail servers with their exclusive and plethora of services. As professional email hosting service providers, the email hosting plans provided by them saves not just cost but are affordable and advantageous. Together with customized storage space, the white label hosting solutions provided by them helps promote the brand image of a company. The companies stand to gain a lot of advantages because of the advanced features they offer.

Needless to say, Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited helped its clients with a huge boost in employee productivity because of professional email hosting. By switching the email to the cloud, the companies could simply eliminate email problems and start receiving emails that are hassle-free, benefitting from the latest technology. Everybody involved in businesses is busy enough and today’s cloud-based hosting solutions by Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited do not just help businesses save money, but also boost their security and free up more time for them to focus on what matters for the businesses most.

Services ProvidedTizzy Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd

  • Webmail
  • Spam and Antivirus
  • Security
  • Data Migration service
  • Backup and restoring data
  • Tizzy Cloud Business E-mail Hosting
  • Windows cloud hosting

Claim to Fame – Tizzy Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd

  • Tizzy Mail’s longstanding and proven track record sets them apart from the crowd
  • The lowest Price in the history of the Cloud Business Email Hosting Industry, Tizzy Mail is provided @ just Rs. 100/user/year for 5 GB Mailbox
  • Quick service activation, setup, and easy migration of emails from the old server.
  • There have been almost no complaints, and there has been no need for technical assistance.
  • White Labelled solution for IT companies to offer Tizzy Mail as a service to their clients

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