Tiki Madman on Significance of a Strong Social Media Presence to Stay Relevant in the Digital Age 

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Whoever does not embrace technology in the modern business space should be ready to embrace failure. Social media, being a vital part of modern-day technology, is one of the most influential and critical virtual spaces for growing the social networking and digital advertisement of your brands, products, and services. Unlike conventional traditional means, you are always a button away from most of your clients and fans. Today, we talk to Tiki Madman about the significance of having a strong social media presence to stay relevant in the digital age. 

Tiki Madman is engaged in exotic cannabis seeds, clothing line, and tissue culture generic research. Having being operational since the past decade, Tiki Madman believes it’s time to go global, starting 2022. However, running this business hasn’t been an easy ride in the park. The company credits the success to having a great social media presence. “It is almost impossible to succeed in any kind of business if you don’t have social media access,” says Tiki Madman. “Before the advent of the internet, one needed to go to customers’ doorsteps and advertise their goods. Nowadays, customers are at the tip of our fingers, listening to what we offer.”  

“Social media is cost-effective when it comes to advertisement,” says Tiki Madman. “It only requires you to create an account, create a profile, and you are good to go.” A company may post whatever goodies it is selling to the customers present on its page. Tiki Madman even advises people who have never used paid advertisement to start slow and observe if it brings any meaningful difference to their sales. One ought to spend a few minutes daily to check out the customers’ comments and respond to them accordingly. 

“Social media makes it even better as you can easily engage with your customers on a common ground,” says Tiki Madman. “The more you keep in touch with your audience, the more your chances of ‘fishing’ a customer. Tiki Madman insists on letting your customers speak up and share their wishes and interests. Moreover, frequent communication with your customers wins their attention and conveys the brand’s message to them. 

Social media has improved the brand awareness of various businesses. It has become the most stress-free digital marketing platform that increases your presence within the customer base. “According to various studies in the United States, 91% of the marketers claimed that social media marketing increased their brand visibility by more than half their initial size,” says Tiki Madman. This does not take a whole day but just a few minutes on your phone or laptop. 

By using social media marketing in an advertisement, increased traffic can be noted, thus driving better sales. It would help if you remembered that competition is growing day by day, so be the first one to grab that new customer. 

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