This Is Where You Can Stream the Elon Musk Vs. Mark Zuckerberg Cage Fight

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Elon Musk has revealed that his potential physical confrontation with Mark Zuckerberg could be streamed on his social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. The two prominent tech moguls had playfully agreed to a “cage match” showdown in June, igniting speculation about the faceoff. Despite Zuckerberg’s background in mixed martial arts, it’s uncertain whether the event will actually take place. 

Musk announced via a tweet on Sunday, “Zuck v Musk fight will be live-streamed on X. All proceeds will go to charity for veterans.” It is to be noted that Musk has a history of announcing actions on social media that may not always come to fruition. However, Musk’s announcement has garnered considerable attention.

Musk, who owns X, responded to a tweet about Zuckerberg’s company Meta’s plans to launch a new Twitter competitor called Threads. He criticized the idea of the world being dominated solely by Zuckerberg, which led to playful banter about a physical confrontation. The possibility of a cage match emerged when a Twitter user mentioned Zuckerberg’s jiu-jitsu training. Musk jokingly responded that he was up for the challenge if Zuckerberg was.

Musk intends to transform X into a “digital town square,” aiming to enhance its role as a social media platform. However, Musk’s previous attempts at hosting events on X have faced technical challenges. In May, his Twitter Spaces event with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, where DeSantis announced his presidential run, was marred by technical glitches and a nearly 30-minute delay. Despite the issues, Musk is keen to leverage X’s capabilities for high-profile events.

The possibility of a live-streamed faceoff between Musk and Zuckerberg has generated interest due to their high profiles and their respective histories in the tech industry. While the exact details remain uncertain, Musk’s announcement has added an element of excitement to their playful exchange.

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