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The Tale Of A Story Teller – Nidhi Behl Vats

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As a child, we all have been fond of treasures. But as we become adults, we realise that childhood itself was a treasure. If the childhood was a treasure, then indeed the stories we were told are the most precious jewels of that treasure. Stories have been such a pure and enriching source of entertainment along with life lessons. We all are fond of great deeds that the fictional characters do, especially the protagonists. But in reality, each and every one of us is the protagonist of their own life. Our choices determine the direction in which the stories of our life move. With every step we take the character keeps on developing. Taking a moment aside and seeing our own life just as a story can offer a totally new perspective of looking towards life. We are surrounded by other people who are living their own unique story. Some of these stories of a common man are not just unique, but also extraordinary and inspirational. Today we bring to you the story of Nidhi Behl Vats, founder of the platform which was formed in 2017 and has been growing through sharing unheard stories of common people.

A bond with stories

Since childhood, stories had been my way of understanding life, situations, and experiences. When I was a child, I was fond of listening to my seniors, elders, and teachers. As they shared their experiences, stories, and wisdom with me, I learned my lessons and became more skilled and experienced in handling the situations of my life. This has been my way of stepping ahead in life, which eventually led me to think that if I can learn from people around me, why can’t people learn from the real-life stories of others. Someone’s story may hold a key to someone else’s lock. This sharing of motivating life stories and experiences would help many to believe in themselves. Sharing real stories of how someone crossed over a really difficult challenge would make the readers believe that it’s possible, and one just needs to keep holding onto their faith. A dose of positivity. Many people share their stories with us. The readers say that as they read, they go back and realize that this is making them feel better and heal.

The beginning and bedrock

I am a scared learner, who was investing my money for the world’, that’s what everyone said. They criticized me saying that my idea would not generate any good revenue. But in those times, my hubby supported me. Also, many women supported my cause. In fact, they believed in me more than I believed in myself. With time, we started getting great stories. As they got shared, we got more stories, more and more people stepped ahead, and the chain began. The platform story of souls possessed a greatly optimistic bedrock of wanting to be a meaningful media platform, which boldly shares the real-life stories of common people whom the world has not heard so far and for the ones who wished to share their story, to let go of their emotional burden and heal from it, but sadly had no one to listen to them. Also, many people such as acid attack survivors, prisoners, call boys are leading dark life are unhealed. We are a platform for them to share their stories anonymously, thus making an attempt to bring these issues into the light of society.

Role models and inspiration

All the people whom we interact with are in a way role models to me. Every story is unique, there is struggle going on in everyone’s life, but if they are able to bring their ethics and values into action, despite being in difficult times, then that’s what would be a true inspiration for me. I have seen people who have donated with one hand without letting their other hand know, I have witnessed those who willingly help others even when they are in dire need of help, I have seen people who help without money, just by referring, co-branding, believing on blessings, doing something without expecting, knowing this person will never be able to pay back, still they happily extend a helping hand. There is so much to learn from all these people who are still living in this world, still, we say people are selfish. NO! humanity is still alive and my vision is to help in letting these noble activities grow.

Life before and life after the story of souls

Before initiating this platform, I was just working without any vision, with no confidence or belief in myself. Today I am confident as the platform is standing strong after 4 years of existence. It is all because of the positive thoughts and beliefs of my well-wishers who surrounded me. Now, my thought process and perspective are also different because of these people. I feel happy that I have helped someone just by sitting at home and pursuing my passion. I can bring some positivity to a person. Those who know me today, respect me for my honesty and integrity. I have my character built in these 4 years. I thought I was helping them but in fact, these people have helped me to know what is right for humanity.

Building resilience

Being fond of the life stories of people I am aware that how a person overcomes the challenges in their journey is a crucial part. Resilience is the quality of a person to overcome the hurdles of life by using effective coping techniques. According to me, these are some activities that have been greatly helping people in building resilience:

1. Self-talk

 2. Meditation

3. Having Patience

4. Inculcating Faith

5. Focus on Self-improvement.

6. Believing in the power of the universe

A note to Aspiring writers and storytellers.

For budding writers and storytellers, I would like to say a few words. Keep working, keep improving. Do write with a full heart. Write when your heart says so, writing is an expression of your creativity. Go with the flow and believe in the power of thoughts and words that you write. With time you would grow. You will shine when your time is right. Know that you would find great things beyond money in this profession. There are some assignments I have done just because I believe in those stories, not for money. Also, I have given up some stories even if they would help me generate a great income just because they weren’t true. Thus, I tried to stay true to my morals and values. Lastly, I would like to say that think carefully before making a choice and be clear about what your vision is.

Gifts from story of souls

Our platform not just shares wonderful stories but also shares many emotions, it strives to inspire the readers and support the one who gives the story. But as its creator, this platform has been greatly adding to my life. Amongst the little gifts which platform gives me is a regular dose of positivity. Due to story of souls, I found a new kick, which is indeed addictive. It took me on the beautiful path I was destined to walk upon. People are busy finding their calling but I found my calling through this platform. Also, it is said that we must leave something for society before we die. I wish to take this platform to the level where it starts to operate on its own and keep growing even in my absence. Today, I am the one who is representing it, tomorrow someone else would be the promoter. Despite this, the cause must stay intact; This understanding I have got from this platform. I am proud of my team members, who have never seen me but are always with me. There have been times when we had financial issues, but by grace, we got the necessary help from our well-wishers. My team made a noteworthy contribution when they worked for 4 months without any pay. They said that it is their passion to promote this and bring these stories to the world. I have specially-abled people in my team, and I honestly want to give them a chance to rise. We are practicing what we are preaching.

Awards and achievements

I have been associated with several Indian and International magazines. I was awarded as WOW – Social media inspirer and 100x Woman index by Her Story Times. Also, I have showed my presence on All India Radio speaking on how women can work from home successfully. I feel that the best achievement I have ever got is all these messages which value and admire our stories. We never knew we would be an inspiration someday. But these stories have helped people move out of depression. All this fame is just people’s gesture of giving back to me. I got several awards, and for me, this is just a blessing and giving back. Some people have reached a whole new level. Our stories have played a vital role in guiding some readers on the new path they were taking in life.

Overcoming the hurdles

Speaking about hurdles on this journey, I and my team have faced several of them. When you work, you require money, as many domains, tools, and other gadgets don’t know what is humanity or charity. To have a sustainable model is one hurdle. Also, many people are thankless, and still, have apprehension about females. We have also faced trust issues due to the concept of work from home. Yet, it is their perspective, I just smile and move on. You usually attain what you focus on, so it’s vital you keep your focus right. In my opinion, everything is important and big, if you value it and on the contrary, everything is small if you cannot value it.


Since the initial time, our goal has been to bring about a change, to give something meaningful to the world. Now that the bulk stories are coming, we need to work on a sustainable model for this cause, so that we keep going on. We do not work based on deadlines, but we work on bringing impact in someone’s life. The vibes are still the same within story of souls, despite the hurdles that were in this journey.

Life beyond story of souls

Apart from managing my team and sharing stories, I love doing meditation and also, I love to write. I tune into music and songs to keep myself happy. I want to help as many people as I can and I’m extremely passionate about it since that is my hobby.

Pandemic times

In this phase of pandemic, we have witnessed our best time. It was when our website was ranked on the top page. Throughout the pandemic we had been busy helping others through the barter system. Being busy during lockdown is the best part, as when you stay busy you stay active and positive. As you keep buzzing people remember you. Honestly, I have been working from home for the last 10 years and hence, nothing much has changed for me in terms of working.

A message to the readers

I would like to share a few words of wisdom with the readers. Sit in silence, you might not know yourself yet. Gradually as you get to know yourself, you will soar high. Every birth has a purpose, find yours and you will have a life full of abundance. Last but not the least, do not judge anyone.


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