Spider-Man game comes to Android Devices.

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We all know about Marvel’s Spider-Man, the game has been a huge success in console gaming, it was released exclusively for Playstation 4 and Insomniac Games made sure there is nothing left in terms of production of the game and was released once perfected.

It has been a huge step-up for the revolution of the Spider-Man games, we bid goodbyes to “web-swinging on clouds”, Insomniac’s Spidey throws a web that attaches to the nearest buildings. The game has impressive physics and a vast open-world map to swing around and explore, it has many side quests that you can complete alongside story missions it’s a fantastic action game with a compelling story with personal stakes as captivating. game mechanics and physics are great, impressive and appreciable, people loved it, Insomniac Games hit a bullseye.

Knowing about combat mechanics, Spider-Man has a variety of contrasting techniques to take down his enemies. He has many methods to disarm and disable enemies. Uniting his web-shooters, melee skills thanks to Spider-Man’s extraordinary strength, acrobatic expertise and other advanced gadgets.

Now all this great experience requires potential, which consoles indeed possess but 2 developers namely, R-User Games and yPER Studios came together and decided to bring the same heavy experience to smaller and less capable devices. They developed a “Fan-Game Spider-Man” and to be honest, compared to a lot of official Spider-Man games out there for mobile devices, it seemed a bit enjoyable to me and resembled the original console game even if it had only 1 mission, barely any combat mechanics and a little “Swing-around map”.

Gameplay Download the game here.

Graphics are great in this game with many options to set and adjust resolution, change textures quality, adjust shadow quality, motion blur and more. made in unity engine it features the same Spider-Man PS4 Mini-map and a pause (Menu) which remains limited for switching between a list of exclusive suits only. The developers of this game make it clear that this unofficial game is made for educational & entertainment purposes only and is not connected to Marvel, Sony and Insomniac Games.

The game was left uncompleted and this project was halted due to copyright infringement, as it was based on and included assets taken from the original PS4 game which describes its limited and leftover functionality, even if the purposes were made clear, copying is illegal and unbearable, it can land you in serious trouble and I’m afraid that the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” won’t be there to help you!

After all, this does reveal a small but enjoyable piece of smartphone gaming capabilities and maybe in future, we would be able to admire and play some great games like Spider-Man on our smartphones.

To try out this game, you can click the link here.


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Experience the immersive Spider-Man world with a compelling story and a vast open-world map to explore as a web crawler.


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  • -Exclusive to playstation consoles.
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