Securing a career in digital marketing with Digital Gabbar

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The confusion of choosing a career isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge is finding an adroit mentor who can nurture you to learn and grow. Digital Gabbar is acting as a digital mentor for thousands of eager individuals who want to make leaps in the digital marketing industry. A much-awaited dream of Rohit Mehta, the man behind Digital Gabbar, is to make digital marketing knowledge available to people. Digital Gabbar is emerging as a credible medium of implementable techniques and strategies to learn more about them in detail. It is a freely available online platform that intends to bring a digital marketing awareness revolution by teaching individuals without charging a penny for the same.

Mr Rohit Mehta faced many challenges in the initial phase of his digital marketing career due to the abscence of trustable information. He says, “I remember the year 2015 as it was a difficult time for me. My blog wasn’t making any progress in terms of viewership despite uploading unique content on it. A lot of information about digital marketing wasn’t available at that time and I had to rely on the trial and error method to see what worked and what didn’t. Even basic information was packaged in the form of ludicrously priced courses that lacked details. I don’t want the youth to experience a similar problem today. Many individuals are making a substantial income from digital marketing and I want to help my audience reap the benefits of digital marketing.”

Digital Gabbar isn’t very old but the information available on the portal is worthy of an honest read. It is helping many young marketers tackle their campaign challenges and with eminent contributors like Rohit Mehta actively engaging with the audience, very little is left to the imagination. Digital Gabbar constitutes business tycoons who have a history with digital marketing services and understand the pivotal role of digital marketing in shaping up a business. Rohit Mehta recently launched Indian Gabbar as well, a digital PR portal aimed to popularize budding entrepreneurs and creators who deserve to be known among the digital community. Indian Gabbar is an example of the emerging need for digital PR for generating awareness and building a credible reputation on the internet.

Mr Rohit Mehta adds, “Digital Gabbar launched amid pandemic to open doors of opportunity for many people troubled by the loss of jobs. Financial freedom isn’t easy to sustain but with so many options of building passive revenue streams, it becomes necessary to at least give it a chance. Digital Gabbar enjoys massive traffic of organic users who are genuinely interested in the teachings of the web portal. My team ensures that only top-notch and carefully vetted contents are published on the platform. We are planning to expand the content with interviews and discussions as well and we aim to bring distinguished marketing moguls and entrepreneurs to the platform. The wheels are in motion as we speak and you will notice an improvement in the website very soon.”


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