Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed, A Sharjah Based Tech Entrepreneur, and Influencer Explain’s the Importance Of Cyber Security.

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In Today’s World, When Almost Everything Has Gone Digital, The risk of online having also increased. With thousands of potential risks, it’s not safe to leave your business unprotected. Thus many companies acquire cyber security for their firm so that their businesses can become secure online without any risk of being attacked by malware or virus that put them at potential risk. To further discuss on the importance of cyber security we have Saud Bin Ahmed, a Sharjah Based Tech Entrepreneur and Influencer.

Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed
Saud Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed

Speaking on the topic, Ahmed says- Every company, whether big or small uses the internet in some or the other way, whether it’s their website or blog, or an online store, or their social media handles. They exchange huge amounts of data online daily. However, every day there are lakhs of people who are ready to steal their confidential information online through hacking, spyware, malware, or viruses. Now the sources of these malware/viruses may vary but the surveys have shown that almost 90% of them are received through E-mails. Though companies have started taking cyber security seriously. A survey recently revealed that worldwide spending on cybercrime is forecast to reach $133.7 billion in 2022. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that cybercrimes have started to come down. Almost 65% of the companies experienced a phishing attack in 2019.

Through Cyber attacks companies can lose confidential information such as personal information of employees, financial details of employees and the company itself, important data that might not be backed up, and also the company will lose their existing and potential customers as they will lose the trust that they built in so many years. Therefore, just by ignoring cyber security, you put your whole business at stake. To save your business here are some of the important tips that you should follow- create strong passwords, Backup your data regularly, install an online security awareness program, put SSL certification on the website, etc. Though in managing business managing your online security becomes hectic, and therefore Cybersecurity firms can play an important role in this. Saud Bin Ahmed is the founder of Technical Company which provides online security to websites and electronic accounts. The company was the first licensed company in this field in UAE. He became the first person to dismantle the “Logo Ransom Ware” in 2013. He has also worked with the President of the Arab Parliament, His Excellency, Ahmed-Bin-Muhammad Al Jarwan, as a consultant and programmer for his website in 2011.

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