Poonchola Technologies miracle of placement.

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“Comprehensive and high-quality education is needed for a dynamic and progressive society,” said Mr Sandeep P.S, Founder and Director of Poonchola Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an Ed-Tech company in Kozhikode. The company focuses on providing quality education at a minimum cost and thus uplifting the community.

Mr Sandeep completed his Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science Engineering from SASTRA University in 2007 and his Masters degree in Data Analytics. He cleared many certified courses like Ethical hacking, Certified robotics, Digital marketing at the Indian Council for Technical Research and Development, and Artificial Intelligence in Human Psychology from American Merit Council. Mr Sandeep is a qualified software developer and has worked in the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for over a decade. Later he left the job and shifted his base back to Kozhikode and started working as a software tutor in several IT-Educational Institutes in Kozhikode, which happened to be a turning point of his life.

During his tutoring days, he found out that these educational institutes charged a high payment for the courses being taught. He saw the struggles faced by the common man to learn the courses that they desired. However, with his expertise in the field, he understood the business exploitation happening in this sector, and he strongly wanted to change this system. 

Following this, the idea of a start-up struck his mind, where education will not be sold but will be given to anyone who has a passion for learning for a very reasonable fee. To achieve his vision, he had to go through many hurdles. He even faced many criticisms that it is like a Utopian vision in today’s world and can never be achieved. The self-motivated individual, along with the support of his family and friends, planned to move further with his vision. Following which, he started the Ed-Tech Company Poonchola Technologies Pvt Ltd. 

The Ed-Tech company gets its name from the family name of Mr Sandeep. He has a strong team of like-minded individuals who shares his vision and works together to reach new heights. The institute provides a variety of software, accounting, digital marketing, multimedia courses, internship training, and job placement assistance to students. According to him, his students attaining skills in their respect field is of prime importance. Hence, there is no compromise in the quality of courses they provide at Poonchola Technologies. Therefore, the institute makes sure that its students are moulded in such a way that they are ready to face the challenges of the corporate world.

Mr Sandeep P. S, director of Poonchola Technologies Pvt Ltd received the Global Business Icon Award 2022 and also received a place in Magic Book of record. With that, he has also received the Best Achiever’s Award 2022 in the field of IT Software and Excellence for his outstanding contribution in the field of software development and Data Analysis.

“All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”, said our former president Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Mr Sandeep, who is an ardent follower of Dr Kalam, strives to provide equal opportunity for all to develop their skills and help people achieve their personal goals through Poonchola Technologies.


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