Meet Varun Datta, The Young Entrepreneur That Is Taking Online Betting To A Whole New level

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There’s a saying which goes “ you may not be the first to do it, but re-invent the wheel so bad you become the template”. Mr Varun Datta sure isn’t the first person to have an online sportsbook, but why is his so successful ? why has Varun Datta’s business scaled so greatly ? Well, taking an in-depth study into Mr Varun Datta’s mode of operation, you would realize that he has certain vital attributes that has helped make him and business stand out and become so successful. Varun Datta was born in India, and right from his infant, he has been introduced to the world of business. His family were really into business and are all very successful business owners and they helped steer him in the same direction. Varun Datta is now based in the United Kingdom and he is a very successful entrepreneur with extensive business across different continents.

Varun has had over 68 projects, 43 clients, and 17 awards. He is an all-round business expert and consultant on how to grow and expand businesses internationally. Varun Datta’s biggest successes are the companies he has invested in and helped scale. Some of which are BETNEO, Gordium Healthcare, Ocean Capital, Cannanode, Moneto Sports, Four Season Distilleries e.t.c.

Varun Datta says his biggest lesson learned so far is that hard work and dedication with the right people on your side is the perfect formula to endless opportunity and success. Describing unique attributes such as being calculated, strategic and having an entrepreneurial spirit as what separates himself and his company from the rest of the competition. He says they are high risk takers and large believers. They study the pros and cons of every business and then help create numerous lanes to make them succeed.

Just like his favourite quote of all time by John Hall which says “Because time is your most valuable asset, you Can’t be willing to give it away to others freely” , Varun Datta says the freedom of his time is what keeps him motivated each day.

When asked in an interview how he would love to see himself in 10 years time, Mr Varun replied “ I see myself expanding my business into an incubation where I allow young entrepreneurs the open invite to try and develop their ideas with my team and backing”. Furthermore, Mr Varun advices young entrepreneurs with hopes of venturing into the same field to be risk takers, because with every risk there is high reward. Varun plans to be retired by the time he’s 40, but by then hopes to have had multiple businesses on auto pilot. Now it’s not always work work work with Varun Datta. His core habits consists waking up by 6am to read for an hour, then he goes to workout for couple of hour. After that, he has a healthy meal and is then ready for a day full of meetings.

Launching his business brand BETNEO was one of the key moments in Varun’s life, and a turning point for his career towards financial freedom. You can follow Varun’s Instagram page varundatta06 for more updates on his business. Varun Datta’s approach towards business is truly revolutionary .



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