Meet India’s one of youngest Cyber Security Consultant Bhanu Sharma

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Bhanu Sharma is a name that is a gem to cyber security. He is expertise in spreading awareness about cyber safety, social Engineering techniques, financial frauds, Children sexual abusive material(CSAM)

He is Cyber security consultant and Core member of National Information Security Council (NISC) is a India’s largest autonomous not profitable organisation.

He has conducted numerous workshops and delievered various webinars and seminars in school and colleges. He has guided many students of schools and colleges.

He has taken a initiative of Cyber Safe BHARAT. He has written a book on Cyber Crimes and Online Safety. He has started with a great vision of building cyber safe nation and to safeguard the nation from the current threats of cyber space. He has his own community where he helps other to learn about cyber security and help them to get training. We want more like him. He is a black horse who is working to make our nation cyber safe.

He is also a bug hunter, a freelancer and a unique man who is always there to help others. He has contributed to vulnerability
Assessment programmes.

When World thinks only about peace, we thinks about cyber peace.

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