Mark Hemsley Turned His Life Around Thanks to E-commerce

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E-commerce giant Mark Hemsley does not come from a background in sales or finance. As a former chef, he wanted to transform his life and knew that working online was the way to do it. However, he lacked experience and knowledge about the online marketplace. With the support of a mentor and unwavering determination, he managed to rise to the top. Hemsley successfully transformed his life and now aspires to assist others in doing the same.

Hemsley’s journey towards e-commerce success may have seemed unlikely considering his high school dropout status and professional experience as a chef. He dedicated years of work and determination to excel as a cook and chef, eventually working alongside chefs in Michelin-star restaurants across the UK. However, he found himself working over fourteen hours a day in exchange for poor pay. He was technically successful in his industry but at the cost of living a stressful, anti-social life. The low pay and anxiety made him realize he was ready for a change.

Hemsley set out to find an industry that would allow him to work online. He saw the typical 9 to 5 as a waste of potential; plenty of people he knew were working traditional jobs and still barely getting by due to rising rents and inflation. Online markets were flourishing, so that was where he chose to start. 

Looking back, Hemsley considers finding a great mentor to be one of his wisest decisions. He knew it would be futile to try to start a new career on his own, so he sought out someone who was a master in the e-commerce space to show him the ropes. Hemsley’s mentor was invaluable to his e-commerce education and contributed greatly to his current success. He knows he would not have been able to get to this level without his mentor, which led to his passion for mentoring others.

Today, Hemsley runs multiple successful e-commerce businesses that have made six figures within their first twelve months. He routinely closes deals with the UK’s biggest retailers to sell his products on their sites. The entrepreneur has been fortunate enough to connect with influencers and celebrities like podcaster James English, actor Martyn Ford, and others. 

He is equally proud of his work with other driven individuals, helping them start their own successful online businesses. He prides himself on introducing hundreds of people to the world of working online to help change their lives. One of his goals for the future is to spread his message even further and show people that they can change their financial future no matter their background. If he can do it, so can you.

Hemsley is no longer stuck in the grueling restaurant grind; he sees his family and friends whenever he wants to, and travels the world to gain new experiences. Being an entrepreneur has given him financial independence, allowing him to break free of the constraints of the common workforce. Hemsley is eager to lead others to success. Could his guidance provide the change you’ve been looking for?


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