How Software and Automation is Integral to Long-Term Success – Gabriel T. Ruz Jr.

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Sometimes businesses are set up at a truly blessed time. For companies founded at the dawn of the digital age, they were able to ride the tsunami of technology to massive success. This is how Gabriel T. Ruz Jr.  turned the company he co-founded into a powerhouse. 

With a degree in business administration and management from the prestigious Purdue University, Ruz created Magaya Corporation in 2001. He is responsible for many of the agency’s early sales, and his expertise in automation technology is the bedrock of Magaya’s success. He calls the time of the company’s inception a fortunate crossing of paths with the computer revolution. Seeing the potential in this pairing, Gabriel T. Ruz Jr.  knew that the right software and automation would be essential for long-term success. 

Like many prestigious companies, Magaya has had rather humble beginnings. Ruz founded the company with two other gentlemen in a living room. There was a time that he lost everything and was essentially homeless. Today, Magaya Corporation has close to 300 employees. It dominates the supply chain software space by providing a web-based portal where logistics companies can buy, sell and use cargo insurance.  

All of this is Ruz’s brainchild as he saw the potential for software-based automation at the dawn of the digital age. Our economy is built upon the backbone of supply chains, and Magaya made things much easier for logistics companies to operate by streamlining crucial insurance coverage with innovative software technology.

Today, Gabriel T. Ruz Jr.  is a Magaya board member who is actively involved in creating new revenues through new products, alliances, and acquisitions. 

To this day, Ruz’s penchant for software and automation is a crucial component of Magaya’s success. As the company grows and continues to be an industry leader, Gabriel T. Ruz Jr. is an integral part of this exponential scaling thanks to his foresight of what technology can make possible.

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