Disrupting the Traffic Engineering World: Lux Solar’s Battle with the Norm

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With almost 40 years of experience in the traffic engineering space, Wael “Maj” Majdalawi, PE, PTOE understands the importance of designing effective messages for drivers. 

So, while many others in his space refuse to leave behind the status quo and innovate, Maj saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry and make a real difference. Before starting Lux Solar in 2014, Maj witnessed the lax approach to innovate and design first-hand, even as crashes continued to happen right in front of his peers. This laissez faire attitude inspired him to search for more adequate solutions. 

Maj recognized the need to deliver drivers messages that they can actually see. He realized it doesn’t matter what you tell drivers through signs on the side of the roads, how much you prepare them before a drive or how experienced they may be, the most important thing is what a driver can see in their cone of vision. 

With this understanding and Maj’s experience, Lux Solar began to create in-road lights that delivered clear and dominant messages to everyone that came upon them. Their use of in-road lights as a safety solution is the key to their company mission — “saving lives we’ll never meet.”

In its journey toward saving as many lives as possible, Lux Solar deploys two types of products. The first are solar markers, which are wireless. These lights are completely powered by the sun, charging up during the day before being activated all night. These lights can be steady or flashing. The second product type is a full wired connection, which uses solar panel poles that power and are connected to the lights and can be activated all day and night. This system is typically used for crosswalks. Though there are some distinct differences between the two, each product is embedded and flush to the ground, are LED lights placed inside the pavement and have endless applications.

On top of prioritizing the safety of typical drivers, the lights are also safe for pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists to go over with the products being lower than typical road markers you may find. Importantly, these lights are approved by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), one of the toughest agencies in the country to get the rubber stamp from. 

Among what makes Lux Solar stand out is that it’s the only approved company in its space in the nation. The people at Lux Solar are also focused on creating reliable and effective products that meet demands, while also proving their products are a better investment than traditional devices. 

Take street lights for example, which have a myriad of pitfalls in comparison to Lux Solar’s in-road solutions. Along with being far more expensive and often needing maintenance, street lights also face differing zoning ordinances and restrictions and harsh weather generally renders them useless. On the other hand, Lux Solar in-road lights are still effective in harsh weather, are far more affordable, don’t face the same zoning restrictions and rarely ever need to be addressed after installment. Lux Solar places lights right in front of your dashboard that deliver direct messages directly to you. 


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