Discussing the Rapid Growth of Booming Internet Careers with Loic Savage

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Internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Today, it affects all sectors of our society. People are rapidly embracing online jobs; in 2020 alone, almost 60 million Americans freelanced online to generate an overall income of approximately $1.2 trillion. We had a discussion with Ivan Loic Ngadjui, a prominent online investor and influencer on the booming Internet-based careers in the past decade.

Currently, 85% of US citizens have access to the Internet, and 82% have social networking profiles. In today’s era, traditional work policies are changing daily, which creates an opportunity for people to earn online. Some people secure part-time online jobs, but for others, this is their only source of income. Most online workers enjoy the freedom which comes with the profession. There are several Internet-based careers, such as SEO experts, online tutors, customer service representatives, website designers, and social media influencers.

Companies can reach more target audiences through social media advertisements by hiring online influencers and social media managers. The online managers reply to the comments, improve the firm’s online selling efforts, and increase the total followers for the business on the social media. Loic Savage tells us that he makes a living through his Internet-based career, and he is grateful because he loves his work, which makes it effortless.

24-years-old Ivan Loic Ngadjui, fondly known as Loic Savage, is originally from Cameroon but currently a US citizen. The self-made social media influencer has always been passionate about the Internet, which explains why he chose the career. Loic Savage also tells us that he has never liked the 9-5 jobs. He grew his social media presence from scratch, and now he owns several online stores on Shopify.

The world is evolving, and with the invention of the Internet, there has been a rapid growth of booming Web-based careers over the past decade. The discussion with Loic Savage gives an in-depth understanding of such careers and why they are on the uptrend.

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