Danisha Hasan – The biggest motivation for the youth in the field of Digital Marketing Industry.

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In today’s technological world Danisha Hasan is one name aspired by all the major enterprises and marketing firms. Her talent got acknowledged on various platforms of industrial firms. She has abundant knowledge in digital marketing and software development. With her ideas and strategies, many companies progressed and got benefitted. She exactly knows what it takes to level up a company and establish a trustable authority in the market. 

Danisha Hasan who is a leading IT Professional now took birth on 23rd September 1996. She completed her education at Delhi University. She is a post-graduate and has work experience of more than 5 years. She is a skilled software developer, website developer, cyber security penetration tester, digital marketer, and business strategist. She is a versatile woman entrepreneur who excels in her field of work and avails credible services.

Danisha Hasan

Danisha Hasan is certified by Google, Microsoft, CISCO, and NIELIT. Additionally, she is a blogger, public speaker, and trainer. She loves to share her insights that are useful in the growth of a business and establish its market value. She is a trustworthy entrepreneur who gives the right ideas and proper plans to build a network in the marketplace and guides you in the development of your overtime. 

Since Danisha is expertise in many fields of technological advancement, she gets hired by many industry-leading digital marketing firms for delivering digital marketing projects and assessments. Both public and private enterprises give weightage and follow talks, views, and training sessions conducted by her. She makes the strong pillar of any company which is eager to build itself in the market.  

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