Casa Altair: The blend of Automation of Luxury-Creating futuristic Smart Homes

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Casa Altair announces the birth of Casa Altair Living in India, a brand that unites the best of research into appearance with the most advanced smart technologies. The smart home market has been witnessing massive growth worldwide as homeowners now spend time in homes, more than ever.

The design has always played a key role for Casa Altair. If we look back, we can clearly see that our products have been extremely timely in terms of design trends. Technology, style, and lifestyle – three powerful words that describe the values behind every Casa Altair design. Casa Altair Living is a great example of how these words come together. The cutting-edge technology that is behind the smart solution of this connected offer, combined with a sophisticated and minimalistic form and pleasing interaction (both physical and digital) create emotion. Our job is to interpret modern lifestyle and user needs and transform them into solutions that help in everyday life. For our products, we look at the trends in architecture since our products are an integral part of the building infrastructure and cannot be separated from it. Another area that we take inspiration from is interior design – the color and material trends have a great influence on the choice of finishings that we propose for our products.

Product Features

  • Full-Touch Controls of the switches: The design has been transformed into an interface that opens up to user experience. Appliances can be operated by precisely touching any of their parts at the center, top, or bottom. Once the key has been pressed, it returns to its position, while always remaining perfectly aligned
  • Look-And-Feel: Also, the device features a cover, which is available in two different colors, white and black, to fit in different styles of living. The surface is satin that offers the feeling of an ostentatious touch. Casa Altair Living is an outcome of 100,000 hours of development and 15,000 hours of prototyping. To reach the desired results, 180 new molds were made and 125 inspection tests were perfected in electromagnetically isolated Faraday cages. After thorough research and a perfect amalgamation of design and industrial process, the range of Casa Altair Living covers plates is launched in 16 finishes, carefully chosen to go with the device covers and made from various materials like advanced polymer, metal, and wood.
  • A Harmonious Union of Smart and Traditional: Casa Altair Living has been designed to fit into any home. The new series can be used in traditional systems with all the control functions available. In smart connected systems, it is able to show its full potential. To make a smart system using Casa Altair Living, one just has to install intelligent devices, designed to dialogue together and connect via radio to the Gateway, which is considered as the heart of the system. This is what makes the connection with ZigBee possible, in the case of the traditional system.
  • Smart Functions and Controls: For the moment, the new series concentrates on the management of the three main functions of the electric system: lights, rolling shutters, and energy. It can interact with them in three different ways: via the traditional controls, via a smartphone and, via voice controls. With the help of the in/out and night/day scenario controls, several functions can be associated, and the system can be customized as per requirements. For example, the out scenario allows one to switch the lights off and lower the rolling shutters with one simple click. The range of smart products is completed with really useful wireless controls, which allow one to add a light or rolling shutter control point, without masonry work.
  • The CASA CONTROL app: All the connected functions can be managed with the dedicated CASA CONTROL app, available for both Android and iOS. Using a smartphone, one can raise the rolling shutter, check power consumption or configure various scenarios. Push notifications warn about faults and overloads, avoiding any blackouts.
  • VOICE CONTROL: Voice controls are particularly useful for the handsfree management of lights, controlled sockets, curtains, and, through the scenarios, for playing music and for setting the ideal temperature. Voice control is possible not only via smartphone but also with the help of most popular virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Certification has already been obtained for all the associations. The system’s operability will allow Casa Altair Living to adapt to new technologies and open up new scenarios.

“In such pandemic scenario, we play a major role in enabling the homeowners to control lighting and climate, which has now become quite common in most houses. As India is a versatile and important market, we are focusing on it with a dedicated team. This tremendously aided our business in India. We aim to continue monitoring and introducing products, specially curated for the Indian market”, conveys Om Shree Mohanty, Founder






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