Arya Tyagi – Young Digital Entrepreneur, Ethical Hacker and Author

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Renowned young Ethical Hacker and Digital Entrepreneur Arya Tyagi is just a 17 years old and now He is a Author of ” HACK THE HACKERS BEFORE THEY HACK YOU ” .This book is more valuable to Internet users as it contains so much knowledge about the topic that still many people don’t know about. The book contains very Interesting Topics like :-

  • Types of Hacking
  • Types of Cyber Attacks
  • Ways to avoid Mobile Attacks
  • Some Hidden Hackers
  • How you can be safe on Social Media
    and many more

Tyagi’s main motive is to write the book is open the grey part of hacking. People knows only about hacking is illegal,Very few people know about Ethical Hackers.
Ethical hackers are those who take prior permission to hack into their system.
The Complete Manuscript Of Hack the hackers before they hack you were ready in February 2021 and within 2 Months His Hired Publisher ” Dream Publishers ” complete his work with Intelligence. ” Nothing is possible without a Good Team ” – Dream Publishers.

Now, he is working on his new book named as ” The Mind behind the Hoodie ” . He has launched the cover on all Social Media platforms.

Arya has started his journey when he was is class 11 and before he finish class 11 he has Microsoft Certification. The boy is just 17 and already doing wonders in his life. Arya is reputed Social Media Marketing Consultant and Social Media Influencer. He has done many Events with celebritites. Apart from social media he is Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Researcher. Currently, He is doing Internship under Gurugram Police.

Arya is now a public figure as a multi talented boy on Google and social media as he is Author, Digital Entrepreneur, Ethical Hacker, cyber security researcher, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Social Media Influencer and he is working for more.

” When people were crying beacause of Lockdown , I was enjoying Lockdown in my room with my phone and laptop ” Arya says ” Take everything in positive way, Enjoy every moment of life “

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