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The application of Artificial Intelligence to financial investment is a research area that has attracted extensive attention since the last decade. Numerous approaches have been proposed to address the problem of price prediction in the stock market. The main advantages include eliminating “momentary irrationality” or decisions based on emotions, recognizing and exploring patterns looked over by humans with computational intelligence, and simultaneously processing information in real-time. This knowledge has developed into Computational Finance. 

In an interview with Abhilash, he discussed the challenges traders and investors face. People typically look at the stock market as a “Get rich Quick scheme,” especially in recent years, there has been an influx of people entering into it, mostly youngsters who are newbies get easily manipulated by scammers, tips providers, and fake influencers on social media because they lack knowledge and experience. Most new traders start their careers as day traders, which is a funny thing to do. When asked what they have learned from themselves, most will say that they have learnt something from YouTube videos or some webinars, which sounds even funnier. It all comes down to educating oneself on financial 

subjects so no one falls for scams as these people do at such an early stage of their career development. 

We can use Artificial Intelligence Technology to solve this problem. We could create a transparent environment in Trading and Investing by using AI. In fact, Abhilash and his team have been working on AI projects related to stock markets for a few years now. They successfully developed software for Indian, global stock markets – all based on data mining and internal algorithms, which provide accurate predictions of movement through such methods as technical analysis. The company also owns hedge funds robots that automatically trade on your account without any risk exposure or requirement for human intervention at all; it even makes a good profit! 

X-STOX, which is the leading provider of artificial intelligence technology solutions to the global stock market industry, has led in AI trading technology that made a tangible difference to Stock Traders & Brokers worldwide. X-STOX has researched and developed various AI applications for this industry since 2016. Founder Abhilash Dhumatkar is an energetic young enthusiastic leader who began his trading career at 18, is a successful investor/trader with 10+ years of experience in global financial markets. He is a professional investor with extensive knowledge about AI Algorithms and Big Data mining. He’s also been a software engineer and data scientist before founding X-Stox.

“One of the major problems that finance domain faces is time- dependent uncertainties with respect to data. Traditional models have difficulty in resolving such problems, whereas contemporary approaches using artificial intelligence techniques are found to be a better solution. Artificial intelligence techniques such as artificial neural network (ANN), expert systems (ES) and hybrid intelligent system (HIS) are being applied in many aspects of finance domains including portfolio management, fraud detection, bankruptcy stock management and risk management. People need to get aware about these things rather than searching for best trading strategies on social media,” says Abhilash. 


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