Sneha Dube - A Talented Athlete

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Sneha is a multi-talented 18 year old girl, originating from Uttar Pradesh, Janghai.
She was born in the year 2003 in Mumbai. She is an undergraduate student from Public Degree College, Santacruz.
Born in Brahmin family she is pure vegetarian. She resides in Mumbai with her grandparents Mr.Yagyanarayan Dube and Mrs.Dilranjan Dube, her parents Dr. Rakesh Dube & Mrs. Anita Dube and her two siblings Dr. Kamana Dube and Advocate Bhavana Dube and her cute little pet named Robby( palmolian rabbit).
She has multiple interest when it comes to activities such as dancing, sports, yoga, acting, etc. She has recently won a contest of Nivea soft batch 2021and chosen in top 16 out of 20,000 contestants in sports category and got a chance to be the brand ambassador for Nivea for 1 year.
She is an sports enthusiasts and has won multiple awards, trophies, medals and certificates in Karate, Kickboxing and sports events such as Kabaddi, Running, etc. She has won Silver Medal on District level in kickboxing MMA. She is a black belt dan 3 in Karate as well. Sneha has been a very active child since she was very young, she is the life of the party.
She is carefree and self satisfied in nature that she enjoys herself in her own company even if no one is around. She is a long standing animal lover, she is known as a animal leader in society she resides, as every cats and dogs gather around her as soon as she steps out in the building premises.
Sneha loves to play with them and they love to play with her too.
She is an fitness influencer on social media and encourages others for helping Street animals as much as they can.
She is looking forward for an active lifestyle personally and socially. She wants to explore her talents further and also wants to work for the welfare of street animals. She strongly believes in the quote “He who feeds the hungry animals, feeds their own soul”.

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