Why Some Wrestlers Are Going Into Boxing

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While wrestling and boxing are very different, wrestling still provides an excellent base for boxing. Both sports involve being keenly aware of an opponent’s intentions, and fighting, in general, develops those instincts. For example, an aspiring boxer who initially trained as a wrestler already has extensive experience with predicting and influencing an opponent’s actions. It’s not surprising that pro wrestlers like Dylan Bostic get into boxing. 

Both Sports are Physically Demanding

The truth is that wrestling and boxing share a lot in common. Both require extreme dedication and intense training. Just as learning a second musical instrument is much easier than learning a first, already being in good shape from wrestling provides a considerable head start in becoming a boxer. 

The level of fitness and endurance a wrestler possesses can go a long way in preparing them for boxing. Self-discipline is also a key factor in both sports since wrestlers and boxers both have to weigh in before a match.

Boxing and Wrestling Compliment Each Other

Whether you’re a fan of or an active participant in extreme sports, you must be able to defend yourself in a real fight. On the street, you’re likely to encounter an opponent you can’t take down, and boxing adds an important line of defense to your tool belt. Knowing how to grapple and strike makes for a fearless all-around fighter, which is why wrestlers often consider adding striking to the mix. 

Pro Wrestlers are Tough

By the way, we aren’t only talking about “sport wrestling.” If you watch pro wrestling, you know these fearless fighters are strong enough to lift up another person and throw them around. Train a hardcore wrestler like that to box, and they might just demolish the opponent. These individuals are tough, and that resilience serves them well in the boxing ring. 

Wrestling Fans Tend to Watch Boxing

Another benefit to cross-training as a boxer is that wrestling fans and boxing fans are often the same people. The typical wrestling enthusiast would love nothing more than to see their favorite wrestler dominate in the boxing ring, propelling their image of the wrestler from a mere grappler to a legendary all-around fighter.

Dylan Bostic 

Pro wrestling sensation, Dylan Bostic, is a prime example of a wrestling superstar transitioning into boxing. At the young age of 15, Dylan was trained by Dan Garza in Whiteland, IN, and later went on to learn from the legendary wrestling coach Rip Rogers at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY. 

Dylan made his professional wrestling debut in 2007, and he went on to win several championships throughout the United States and Canada. Dylan also recently starred in his first movie, “Pursuit of Freedom.” On top of everything else, Dylan is training to box with retired professional boxer Cedric “Ced” Johnson at CBA Promotions in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Dylan is killing it at life, and his fans can learn a lot from his versatility and dedication.

“If you’re happy with where you are or where you’re headed, then you are successful!” — Dylan Bostic.

Dylan already has a lot to be proud of, but don’t mistake his contentment for complacency! We’re excited to see what Dylan does in the next chapter as he takes on the sport of boxing.

To learn more about the legendary Dylan Bostic and his transition from wrestling to boxing, follow his Instagram: or Twitter:


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