Tune into Bravo TV as Darren Goodall Reveals the Secret to Sustainable Weight-Loss

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It is an irony that humans, after splitting the atom, dropping the atom bomb, and flying into space, are still grappling with the problem of excess body fat. Professional boxer, weight-trainer, and health guru Lance Darren Goodall has dedicated his life to solving this problem. He has assisted several A-listers of our times to intelligently manage their weight. Darren has many tricks under his hat for weight reduction and bodyweight management. Here he shares with us three secrets that he otherwise shares only with his celebrity clients.


‘The trick to accomplishing anything is to believe that you can do it, says Darren. Weight loss, for him, is a goal one should have if they find themselves exceeding the prescribed limits. Most people start the process without enough faith in their abilities to stay true and disciplined towards the set goal. The biggest reason people give up their resolve to lose weight is that they don’t believe that it is truly possible by them. The first secret to losing weight is to believe that you can do it.

Chew your food

Your health resides in your mouth and your stomach, says Darren. To those who have weight issues due to irregular eating or overeating habits, he says, chew your food. According to him, the quantity of your intake is greatly reduced when you eat slowly and take your time to chew your food thoroughly.

Get rid of the store-bought taste palette

Packed foods and TV dinners pack a bunch of artificial flavors that begin to take over the taste palette. These foods damage the natural taste palette and replace it with a taste palette that is only satisfied with strong synthetic flavors. Once hooked, then the craving begins. If you are on a weight loss journey, then say goodbye to all the unhealthy snacking, says Darren.

Lance Darren Goodall’s secrets to weight loss are practical and effective. You can get access to more of his tips and secrets on Bravo TV where he gives practical instructions for losing weight loss and enjoying a healthy life.

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