Meet Fraser Henderson: Snowboard Instructor By Day, Doctor by Night

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Fraser Henderson – Snowboard Gear Expert

Ever met someone whose life story sounds straight out of a movie script? Enter Fraser Henderson. This dude’s not just big in the snowboarding game with his platform, Snowboarding Days™, he’s also a full-blown doctor. Yeah, you read that right!

Imagine juggling medical school and then finding yourself hopelessly obsessed with snowboarding on weekends. That’s Fraser for you. Medical textbooks on weekdays, snow-covered slopes on weekends. And as his love for snowboarding grew (bordering on obsession, really), he got into the nitty-gritty, picking up avalanche safety training, backcountry guiding, and even some niche stuff like altitude sickness certifications. Oh, and did I mention he went on to become a top-notch snowboard instructor?

Fraser Henderson – Snowboarding Days Founder

Fast forward a bit: Doctor title secured, but Fraser’s snowboard-loving heart wasn’t about to take a backseat. He globe-trotted, leaving tracks from Japan’s untouched slopes to the buzzing French Alps. All this while, his medical career was riding shotgun. Talk about multitasking!

The more he snowboarded, the deeper he dived into understanding gear. The doc in him? He brought that precision and keen eye to reviewing snowboarding gear. And people started to notice. His reviews? Oh, they weren’t your run-of-the-mill kind. They combined the wisdom of a snowboard junkie with a doctor’s obsessive attention to detail.

And then came his brainchild: Snowboarding Days™. It’s more than just a website or brand; it’s Fraser’s love letter to snowboarding. It’s stacked with genuine reviews, killer articles, and thanks to Fraser’s no-sponsorship policy, you know it’s all legit. And the cherry on top? They’ve now rolled out their own line of snowboard clothing. Mic drop moment, right?

Fraser Henderson – Snowboarding Instructor

But here’s where things get even wilder. As Fraser continued to ride, he wasn’t just content with mastering the art; he also became deeply fascinated with the science behind snowboarding gear. Drawing from both his medical knowledge and hours on the slopes, he started analyzing snowboard equipment with an unmatched depth. He’d take apart gear, understand the material science, check durability, test performance under different conditions – basically, the guy became the Sherlock of snowboard gear! His expertise soon caught the industry’s attention, transforming him into a go-to gear guru for many.

We asked Fraser why he was still so invested in snowboarding, after 15 long years in the industry:

“Ya know, when I first stepped onto a snowboard, it was purely to break free from the confines of medical school. Those endless hours poring over textbooks, the pressure of exams – it can be pretty overwhelming. But the mountains, the snow, they offered a tranquility I couldn’t find in any classroom. It was my therapy. But soon, it wasn’t just about escaping; it was about mastering, understanding every nuance of the sport. The same attention to detail I applied in the medical field, I brought to the slopes and my gear reviews. Some folks find it hard to believe that a doctor would be this invested in snowboarding, but why put limits on passion? Whether it’s diagnosing a patient or dissecting the mechanics of a snowboard, I bring the same enthusiasm. At the end of the day, Snowboarding Days™ isn’t just a brand; it’s my heart’s work. It’s a culmination of two distinct worlds that I’ve been privileged to traverse, and a way to give back to a community that’s given me so much joy.”

Fraser’s tale? It’s a rollercoaster of blending hardcore profession with an equally hardcore passion. With Snowboarding Days™, his snowboarding spirit echoes loud and clear across mountains worldwide. It’s a reminder that no matter where life takes you (like, say, a hospital or a snowy mountain), you gotta chase what you love. Cheers to that!


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