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Maziar Jamshid Khani joins hands with Behnoode Riding Academy to mentor aspiring equestrian riders

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There are innumerable sports activities played in the world. Among many games, it is the equestrian sports that are the oldest and popular. It is a known fact that the use of horses in sports is an ancient event. Presently, horses are mostly used in games, show jumping, competitive events and ceremonial riding. With many equestrian sports, show jumping remains one of the most popular games, and Maziar Jamshid Khani is a name who has contributed tremendously in this field.

Maziar is a professional show jumper, who began riding horses at an early age. He was born in 1976 and participated in professional equestrian sports at 15. While beginning his career, the horse rider learnt different disciplines of equestrian sports, and as a jockey, he rode horses with his masters including Aghcheli in Tehran and Gonbad’s group one racing. However, he zeroed down show jumping as a particular sport and excelled in the game.

The professional show jumper participated in show jumping activities from 1988. He won the third position in the Youth National Championship in 1990 and was a member of the National team till 1999. Having earned different awards and recognitions, Maziar Jamshid Khani has established himself as one of the eminent equestrian players in the world. The reason behind his massive success is the coaching he undertook from his mentors.

Khani has always been grateful to his mentors for shaping his career. He was trained by Col. Neshati who was educated in Saumur Riding Academy. Moreover, Mrs. Firouz, popularly known as Louise Firouz has played a significant role in helping Maziar Hamshid Khani grow as a prominent horse rider. Mrs. Firouz needs no introduction as she was highly regarded as Iran’s Horse Lady for preserving the Caspian horse, a rare horse breed that had distinctive characteristics similar to the Arabian horse.

He even thanks his father Mahdi Jamshid Khani who trained him to become one of the top horse riders in history. His father was a coach for Iran’s National Team, and he even wrote and translated 18 books about horses and equestrian sports.

Some of Maziar Jamshid Khani’s remarkable achievements include winning gold in the Adults Championship. He has earlier won 2 championships and 5 wise championships. Not just this, in the CIS International in Baku, he was the first rank holder two times in the two-star category. In 2013, Khani was among the top 155 riders in the three-star category, and he had made a place for himself in the top 455 riders in the five-star category.

As Maziar Jamshid Khani holds Level 1 of FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) coaching, he has pursued different courses from well-known academies. With in-depth experience and expertise, Maziar Jamshid Khani owns a private club to train all the budding equestrian riders. Along with it, the show jumper has even joined the coveted Behnoonde Riding Academy, a part of Behnoode Foundation founded by Behnood Javaherpour. At the academy, he is a mentor to amateur horse riders who want to make a successful career in equestrian sports.

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